Monday, February 27, 2012

Misc. Monday - Limos, Hair Cuts, and Babies

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. On Saturday evening, we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday. Josh's dad asked him to research limos because he wanted to surprised her with one. So Josh did some calling, and he planned for the limo to arrive at our house at 5:00. His parents arrived around 4:30 to meet us (because she knew we were going out for dinner), so keeping her contained for a half an hour was fun...ha! We blamed it on the Mizzou game. Couldn't leave while it was still on, right?!

The look on her face when she looked outside and saw it was great! We all had a great time, but the kids probably had the most fun.

2. I finally asked a girl I go to church with to take pictures at the hospital when I have baby girl. I just decided that it would be easier to ask a non family member to do this for me since it seems like we're all wrapped up in the hype of the day when it's here! She does an amazing job, and I plan to have her take a nice family picture sometime soon after we're settled with our new blessing. Thanks, Bonnie, for saying you'd do this for me!

3. On Friday, I took the boys to get hair cuts.

As you can see, I waited a bit too long for Gabriel.

This should be a pretty normal, mundane thing, nothing to blog about. But for some reason, Gabriel has decided to hate hair cuts (after being such a good boy the first years of his life). When we arrived, I asked the boys who wanted to go first, and of course Gabriel chimed in with his new phrase (that he says A LOT about EVERTHING lately), "I scared." So Caleb jumped up there and began his hair cut adventure, and I started wondering how on earth we were going to accomplish this feat with Gabriel.

"Look how brave Caleb is being!" I said to him. "And Kara is so nice. She does a great job!"

"I scared," he repeated to me.

So in that moment, as he cuddled up close to me, I just put my hand on his little head and started to pray. I didn't know what else to do. As simple as a hair cut seems, I recognize that sometimes things that seem simple to us as grown ups aren't simple to kids. I asked God to calm Gabriel, to allow Gabriel to trust me and trust Kara, and for him to have a peaceful spirit.

With God's help, and several dum-dums, the hair cut was a success.

4. My best friend is in labor as I type. She's the one who has been pregnant with me all four times, and I really wish I could be in Indiana with her right now! I asked my doctor if that trip would be an ok idea, and she said she couldn't keep me at home...but wouldn't recommend it with me being 32 weeks. So I've been talking and texting her A LOT, and I expect her to text me back unless she's pushing...ha! I'm so excited for her, she's having her first girl.

Here we are with our first babies in 2004...we sure have learned lots since then, right, Kassie?!

5. I deactivated facebook for 36 hours. Is it sad that 36 hours is as long as I could last?


Amanda, Joseph, and Scottie said...

Scottie had major hair cut issues and it was a Grandma that always did ours. That is how we ended up with long hair for so many years. Scottie wasn't scared, it was an attachment issue. He would sit and cry and hold his hair and ask Grandma to put it back. They grow out of it with some coaxing. The haircuts look great.

Causey Fam said...

The first haircut Alli had, she sat on my lap...maybe that could help if it happens again??

The Limo looks like fun!! Can't say I've ever seen the inside of one (except in pictures or on TV)

Congrats to Kassie!

Chrissy said...

Yes, I've held my screaming sons. Loads of fun. Sarah never had trouble.

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