Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sarah's Baby Sister

The other day Sarah was playing on her own, I'm not sure if I remember what exactly she was doing. I do remember I was in the kitchen, and from the other room I heard her say,
"Mommy...if my baby sister is brown, I will love her!"
The pure innocence of those words just warmed my heart. I understood what she meant. It was eye opening for me to hear it, realizing that at 5-years-old, she has no concept of how race works!

She has friends of different races that she sees at church. Perhaps her comment came the day or two after playing at Graysen's house, Ashley's daughter, a family who has adopted two boys from Ethiopia. Maybe she started thinking about how kids all look different, even in the same family? I'm not sure!

But it made me very happy. It made me glad that this is how my kids think. To not only see everyone as one big happy family, but to love them all the same.

If only everyone thought this way. If only all of us were as innocent as children and could see it the way Sarah does.


Ashley said...

You know this warms my heart! I think most children naturally think this way until they are told (or modeled to) differently. I know my kids never thought a thing of it when their brothers came home...and B and S have asked me if this baby will look like them! What makes me sad are situations like one of the kids in our boys grade who REFUSES to believe that I'm S' mom because "you don't look like him!"

Courtney said...

This blog made me smile!! After I was born my sister told my mom that she didn't want me because she wanted me to be a brown baby. :)

Donna said...

Amen, sister.

Causey Fam said...

How sweet!!!

thechattymommy said...

So sweet! So exciting Sarah gets a sister!

Jamie said...

Oh, I love the innocence! You're doing a great job raising her to be prepared to love everyone. Good job!

Funny thing, my dad is mexican and my mom is caucasian and when my mom would take me shopping when I was a baby, people would ask her if I was adopted because I was brown and she wasn't. She was tempted to show them her stretch marks to prove otherwise. ;)

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