Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Practically Sweet

I'm a girl.

I like flowers and candy and sappy stuff like the rest.

But when it comes to gift giving on my part, I am too practical for that.

Maybe it's because I know guys (most guys?) aren't just dying for the most romantic thing ever when February 14th rolls around. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they'd like a nice dinner, time away from the chaos of the daily grind, maybe even a massage or something. But the glitz and glamor of this particular holiday probably doesn't really do much for them.

And so...as I said...I am too practical to plan something over-the-top for my guy (even if it is a double standard for me to secretly hope he plans it for me).

So when I got the idea of a gift for him, knowing it was something he really, really needed...not something sweet or romantic, I wanted to somehow tie in a nice, sweet saying to go along with the gift. I guess my thoughts are...if I can somehow tie this holiday in with what I picked out, maybe it will seem sweet? :)

His shoes for work were literally falling apart, and I just knew I wanted to find a pair for him. So I did. And I wanted to keep with the love theme for Valentine's Day...so...

I wrote, "Step by step...we are in this journey together."

He was really surprised. He really smiled. He really liked them. A lot.

So now I know that I will continue with my practicality. I will just have to work on my creative phrases.

Anyone have a creative phrase to go with a repaired garage door opener? :)


Anonymous said...

How clever! I'm so glad Josh was happy with his gift! You've challenged me to up my game!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! Love all of it!!!


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