Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snow Day

I love snow days so much. I'm sure it's somehow psychologically tied to my childhood since both of my parents were teachers...which meant those days turned into slow-paced family days! And since I married a teacher - and I stay home with the kids - we find ourselves having those same kind of slow-paced family days.

It started wi
th Caleb asking if he could play the Wii.

Sure, why not.

Josh began making chocolate chip pancakes, and I hadn't had those in FOREVER. I used to hav
e them when my mom would make them, but at some point they seemed too sweet for me. Pregnant Chrissy does not have the same taste buds, nothing is too sweet! :)

Then it was time to bundle up and send the kids outside. Josh went with them, I am too much of a pansy to go outside in the cold ( has to be 72 degrees for me because I am not outdoorsy).

After being out in the cold, it was time for hot chocolate. That's what everyone does after playing in the snow, right?!

Later that d
ay, Sarah needed to finish up some Valentine cards. She worked on each one, writing her name and the person the card was supposed to go to. (Actually, my method was to have her write her name on all of them first, and when she got tired, we stopped. It took a few days to finish writing the names of her classmates and teachers in the "to" space, but she got it done!)

We also finished her Valentine box.

Very simple but very Sarah.

We had
some reading time, movie time, and wrestle time.

We had a nice dinner as Josh and I worked together to make
something I found on Pinterest. It was pretty yumm

Later...after dinner...a bit before bedtime...Caleb asked if we could play Battleship. I thought that would be a nice way to end the day!

It was just what a snow day should be. It was everything I hoped it would be. Sound a little corny? Yeah, maybe. Chalk it up to that psychological tie to childhood! ;)

What do you do on snow days?


Ashley said...

Love it! Sounds much like our snow day! And yes...everyone needs hot chocolate after playing in the snow!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

A free holiday, a do-what-you-want-day, an excuse to drop all plans and have fun. Great!

Anonymous said...

I love it! We basically have the same thing here! I send the kids outside to play, cocoa of course, then we just play. No school work, nothing educational allowed...that's how I like to roll on snow days! :)

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