Monday, February 20, 2012

Misc. Monday

There are a few blog posts floating around in my head, but I don't know if I have an entire post in me for each one, so I think I'll write a few lines about each thought instead...and link up for Miscellany Monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. So last week was Valentines Day, and I have to confess, it always annoys me when people say they don't like Valentines Day because they don't need one day out of the year to show someone they care or boast about how perfect their husband is because he gives them cards, flowers, candy, or whatever all year long. Well, I'm very happy for you, but for some men, they would be lost without birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentines Day (that is, if they remember these).

And I would also say, I feel the same way about Christmas. Do I really need to put any emphasis on ONE DAY when God calls me to serve Him and honor Him all year long? Nope. I don't. So I'll get out my Vince Gill Christmas CD (starting in October of course) and be pretty secular about Christmas. Because it's not about one day.

2. I read an article the other day titled "The Seven Worst Things You Can Say to Your Husband". First of all, I really thought I must have missed my calling when I read it, because I'm quite sure I could have written a better article. But anyway, I found myself feeling pretty defensive while I read it, so I'm not sure what that says about me. For one thing, I can think of FAR WORSE things to say, even though I know deep down each of them would be best kept unsaid. But each one probably comes out of my mouth at some point, and I thought it was funny when I read a comment that said, "Why are we defending men? They deserve these comments sometimes!" Well, maybe they do, maybe they don't.

The other thing that got me was when a woman posted a comment and said she had been married for 3 years and determined that most people who commented needed therapy. Boy, you should have seen people rip her apart, and part of me agreed. I remember when I had been married for 3 years. Shoot, what can go wrong after 3 years? Come tell me what it means to be married after 10 or 15 years, after a few kids, a few jobs, a few moves. Then you can tell me I need therapy. I ALREADY KNOW I NEED IT! :)

3. Some people take facebook WAY too seriously. And some people don't. I prefer the second kind. If I unfriended you and you see me in real life and decide to not make eye contact and not speak with me, I think I'm probably not the one who has issues.

4. Can you tell that pregnancy makes me an ornery person?

Hope you have a great week! I should have a new blog look soon!


Ashley said...

I have TOTALLY said each and every one of those things to my husband! But...about the girl who was only married 3 years...I can say Lincoln and I experienced more real life in our first three years than we have in the last 5...

Life as I Know it said...

On your point number 3..I feel that there are too many people that think facebook is the actual friendship! It is a tool to keep in touch with others, it isn't there to replace human inter-action.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I am guilty of number one...or maybe you're NOT guilty of it! Valentine's Day is stupid, it basically gives men a test that they cannot pass. My husband has enough trouble passing my 'silent tests', I don't want to add to his stress.

I agree with the earlier poster that said some people think of FB as the actual friendship, so I guess that's why they take it personal when they get "unfriended". It's actually quite silly and I think THEY need therapy! :)

Anonymous said...

Shoot, I forgot all my winky faces!!!! ;)

Linda said...

Okay, there are WAY worse things to say to your husband than what I saw on that list. The ones I'm thinking of don't have a G rating! :)

Bethany said...

If you unfriended me and I noticed it (its likely I might since its not like you get a note saying you are unfriended) ... I would be ticked if you wanted to have small talk in real life. I'd feel offended. I'd wonder what my electronic self did to make you feel strongly enough to de friend, but not be enough to have small talk.

I think the 7 worst things aren't THAT bad... and they do seem really superficial. Like a junior high school student wrote it. We really fought it out and learned to live together well in our first three years, but I wouldn't have wrote from a stance of superiority that I kind of felt in that post. Maybe she had been previously married?

I hope you have a good week and that your blog look is fantastic.'

Chrissy said...

I realize that we can't actually lump all relationships in the same category. I think I was over generalizing. For the most part, I think when a couple gets married, not too young, waits to have kids, has no tragedies, the first 3 years are usually still a honeymoon phase. Just how I've seen it anyway.

Andrea said...

Whew! I call my husband an idiot at least once a week. Glad that wasn't on the list. I'm in the clear :)

Rant away, preggers. You only have a few weeks left before you have to be civil again. ;)

Wendy said...

Definitely going to read the article about what not to say to your husband. Sounds interesting.

There is a reason I closed my FB account. Some people take it way too seriously. Unfortunately the ones who were being hurtful with it towards me were people who should have been closest to me (ie. family)...felt too much like high school or elementary school, really.

BTW...your blog is really cheery now. Cute.

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