Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm writing this in the afternoon, all alone, sitting in a very quiet house. My sweet father-in-law took my two younger kiddos to his house to play, and they will be spending the night. They often ask to go, they love their grandparents and are blessed with the best.

So every now and then, I get these quiet moments.


I should cherish them, right? I mean, what mom hasn't said they could use some time on their
own. Time to read a book, pick up the house, finish up a project or something. And I'm sure I'll do those things. The girl room needs work after all! But more often than not...when I'm in these quiet just doesn't feel right.

Perhaps it's because of the season of life that I'm in. Right now, my season is being a mom. With a not-so-big house, a family of almost six can be pretty loud when little kids are playing. For me, though, it doesn't seem str
ange or loud. It doesn't bother me when they run around the dining room table, even though I should teach them not to run in the house. When they are giggling and being silly together, enjoying their time, no matter what the noise level, it makes me happy. Because I have them. They are precious.

Don't get me wrong. Especially lately, as I've been hurting more often than not, sometimes I wonder if I'm being the best mom I can be when I just sit on the couch and let them watch shows or play on their own. If I'm hurting, I can't always direct them in the best way to play when they may actually seem wild to an outsider looking in. So there are days when I think, "It sure would be nice for them to go play with Papa and leave me here alone!"

But then they go.

And here I am. In the quiet.

And I don't like it.

And I might have had tears as I just typed that.

So while quiet seems appealing to me sometimes, sometimes I have to remind myself that when I finally get it, it's not really what it's cracked up to be. Because it's not really that season in my life.
I'll have plenty of quiet later. In my season of an empty nest.



Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Ashley said...

I understand this...but I think it might depend on how often you get that quiet time. I am definitely able to soak it up and enjoy it when I get it...but it's very rare that I'm without ALL my kids...I almost always have at least 1 or 2 of them!

Chrissy said...

I think I can handle being away from kids if I'm with a friend having coffee or like when I went to Branson with my mom and sis. But when I'm all alone in my house, that's when I don't like it.

accesskas27 said...

Same here chrissy! I always think I want a night to myself so mike will take the boys somewhere... and then I get lonely... and the house seems sooo empty without them... that I can't wait for them to get home.

Andrea said...

Grass is always greener ;) I go through the same thing. Hubby has to keep me pretty busy when Chloe is gone because I get so out of sorts...then when she's been home two hours we're fussing over bath time or she's barging in on me and we're back at it. Being a mom is the best :)

Anonymous said...

I always feel a little lost when I'm at home by myself...just never quite sure what I should do next!

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