Saturday, February 13, 2010

Georgia Indiana On My Mind

What exactly is there to say about the state of Indiana? I drove through there once on my way to Ohio. It seemed nice enough...I remember seeing a billboard for The Dave Ramsey Show and thinking, "Indiana must be cool." It's home to the Colts, and who doesn't love Peyton Manning? (If you don't, I don't want to know). It was the birthplace of Michael Jackson and David Letterman, and Bobby Knight threw most of his fits at Indiana University.

And on March 8th, my bestest friend will be moving to Indiana.

We've known each other since middle school, but really only knew "of" each other so to speak. We evidently went to the same band camp once as she recalls, but for some reason I don't remember band camp all that well! She played softball at a fellow Four Rivers Conference school, and she remembers me pitching...I remember her catching.

But it wasn't until we were grown-ups that we became close, and I'm so glad we did.

When she was married in October of 2003 and became pregnant the same month, I couldn't help but tease her. "You sure made quick work of that!" I remember saying. We attended the same church at that point, and each time we'd see each other she would say, "Oh, you're next! I just know it!"

Would you believe...she was right.

And so we journeyed through our first pregnancies together. I believe that connection was what brought us together. We joked about our bellies getting bigger and wondered what this thing called motherhood would really be like.

The funny thing is...we now have three children and have been pregnant together all three times. She was a month ahead of me on the first two, but I took the plunge and got pregnant the third time way ahead of her...ha!

Through the years we have confided in each other about so many things. I've told her about so many very personal issues, and she has told me such things as well. I've called her in tears about spiritual struggles, marriage struggles, family struggles. You name it. We even talk pretty bluntly about sex. That's the sign of a true friendship! ;o) Oh, well that and bowel don't get much closer than that.

Ok, I need to stop laughing.

She has encouraged me on my weight loss journey, and I hope I've done the same for her. She has prayed for me when I felt lost. She has proven to be the Godly woman that she was created to be, and there is so much about her personality that I wish I had.

And even though we don't agree on a variety of things, our friendship has survived and thrived. I think we've made each other better women: better wives, mothers, daughters, sisters...each title has been effected by this friendship.

I will miss her so badly.

Dear Kassie,

Besides mentioning "bowel movement" ;o) I had to keep from bursting into tears while writing this. I know that your move is a HUGE answer to prayer, and I know this is what is best for your family. It's a struggle to rejoice with you while feeling so sad that you're leaving. But I will be praying for your family while you process it all and have to quickly move to a new state. I will also pray that you find a loving church family (especially one where you can use that beautiful voice of yours), new Christian friends, and a nice neighborhood. I will also pray for your children as they make this adjustment as well.

Love you sweet friend.


accesskas27 said...

Ok girl.... you brought tears to my eyes... but I'm trying to refrain from totally losing it right now..... you are an amazing woman, wife and mother and I am blessed to know you!! We WILL keep in touch!!! We can always be best friends no matter what state we are in!!! Love you girl!!! :-)

Thank you for such sweet words... you are such a gifted writer!!! I look forward to reading your blogs from Indiana too!! :-)

Heather McDougle said...

I love your blog! I will be checking back. Beautiful!

I'm following you from Friday Follow!

otherwise known as mom said...

Indiana is good. Good people, good places. She is in good hands there. North or south? I have friends and family in both!

Nel Lenae said...

I have a very close friend who moved away too... we hardly talk anymore. I hope you and Kassie keep in touch!

Mindy said...

Sorry to hear this. :( My bff lives in Indiana too. I've learned that long-distance friendships are possible! Thank goodness for cell phones and other various means of communication!

Robyn Campbell said...

Friday following. (I'm a bit late this week. ) Love your blog. =)

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