Thursday, February 4, 2010

For My Future Daughters-In-Law

Sweet girls...I am praying for you already. I know that it's possible that you are not even born yet, so sometimes I pray for your parents, who I most likely don't even know!

I am doing my best to train my sons how to treat their mother and how to treat their sister. I believe this will teach them how to love you and how to treat you as well.

But the fact of the matter is, none of this would matter if their daddy didn't teach them, too. And he does. He most certainly does. He respects me and speaks kindly to me. He does not ever raise his voice to me, and he shows me affection daily. He cuddles and gives many hugs and kisses to his daughter, too. I believe my sons will be ready to be a wonderful husband someday because of the examples we have set for them. But mostly...because of the example their daddy has set for them.

Their daddy also shows them that even though I stay home, he can help with housework! So if the day comes that you decide to stay home with your children, my sons will know that they should help you when you need it.

We begin training early:

I love you already, dear ones. I'll continue to pray until we meet. And even then, I'll pray for you until my time on earth is done. :o)


Amy said...

Very sweet. And cute. And true!

SonjaMichelle said...

Make me cry! Geez Chrissy...Im trying to teach here!!!

Bronwen said...

You forgot this part...'and if you hurt my sons in ANY way or run over them I'll have your head on a plate' know or something like that, I'm just paraphrasing here.

;) Haha!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the cry this morning!!!!

Kelley said...

This is the perfect future daughter-in-law letter/prayer. Such love you hold for them already! Whoever God brings into their lives, they'll be lucky to have such a kindhearted MIL!

I don't really think about future daughter/son in-laws in this way because it's usually "If my son/daughter marries..." It's a sub prayer to the one where I pray that my kids listen with open hearts and discern God's call- I would be so incredibly proud to see my son as a strong, faithful husband and father, but I'd be equally at peace to see him as a priest or faithfully living single life... :-) The same goes for my daughters.

lisa atherton said...

Very sweet Chrissy. I've had these same thoughts and prayers. I also have already asked God to reveal to me the ways I struggle and pray that I will handle future in-law relationships with graciousness and understanding. Of course this needs to be prayer in all aspects of life, but I often find myself thinking ahead. I think of Naomi and wonder what kind of woman she was to endear herself so greatly to Ruth and Orpah. How she must have shown such love and wisdom to these little misfits her boys brought home.
You're such a good mommy!

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