Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me My Child! Monday (Video Edition II)

My children have perfect table etiquette. They always eat what is in front of them, and would certainly never toss it off of the table. So it wasn't my child who was throwing Cheerios into a little play-shopping-basket to the side of him, trying to make it in there each time.

Oh, and it wasn't me who found it amusing and thought I'd better capture it on video.

And speaking of table etiquette, it would never be my daughter who would pout and speak "unkindly to mommy" because I told her she'd better finish her dinner. It was not my child who sat down in the kitchen with folded arms and huffed and puffed.

And whose children are allowed to run through muddy mud puddles in their front yard? Certainly not my children.

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


Faithful Mali said...

I love Caleb and Sarah playing in the mud puddles! It looked like fun :)

This Daddy said...

Those are great videos. Isn't it nice how is is NEVER our children who do those things.

Christy said...

so cute! I love how you pull out the video camera while your child is pouting. I should do that to Leah, so one day I can say, yes you were that bad, lol. Oh, and you would never encourage your child to throw the cheerios in the basket :-)

christy rose said...

These were all so cute! :) This was a great post!

Pennie said...

Cute! What a fun Mamma you are!

Jessica said...

I got you linked but I didn't realize until after that I had an extra space in there, sorry =(. When I went on the link us up this morning, there were 2 on there when I did mine and by the time I got my info in I was 20 something and then I did yours immediately after and you were 30 something. Crazy how many hits she must get a day...

Cute post by the way, Sarah's little fit reminds me of Alexis these days. She's actually started throwing herself on the ground here lately. Oh joy!

Katrina said...

Still making rounds from Friday Follow! So glad I found your blog. :) I love Not Me! Mondays!

Kelly's Lucky You said...

What an ingenious idea to switch from "Not Me" to "Not My Children" and use videos! Very fun!!!

With a four year old daughter myself, I loved the one in the middle where your daughter is pouting. Sheesh, they do have their moments, don't they? I did have to play it with the sound muted though, because Rosie is sitting right next to me watching Wow, Wow Wubbzy while I catch up on some Friday Follow blogs.

Nice to meet you! I'm looking forward to ready about more adventures!

PS I hope that Caleb recovers very quickly.

Kelly from

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