Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Yesterday I received the Beautiful Blogger Award from the author of Raising a Quiver Full, and I was really honored that she would give it to me. It's been really fun meeting new bloggers over the last month or so via BlogFrog (from blog hopping or participating in forum discussions). I truly enjoy reading her blog as well.

So the rules for this award are:

1. Link to the person who gave you the award.
2. Pass the award along to fantastic blogs you've recently discovered.
3. Contact the blogs via a comment to let them know you've giving them the award.
4. State seven things about yourself.

I'm giving this award to:

Lessons Learned*
Life As We Know It
This Daddy's Blog
11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven
Pink Moss
Moms Sanity is Making a Come Back
Storing Up Treasures
I'm Living Proof That God Has a Sense of Humor
Because I SAID SO
Roerdink Ramblings
A Lil Story

*I didn't "recently discover" Lessons Learned, but she is just very deserving of this award! :o)

And here are seven things about me:

- I have known my husband since he was 14-years-old.
- In 5th grade I was "Alice" in our school musical "Alice in Wonderland" and the music teacher wanted me to dye my hair blonde. But I didn't.
- If I find something I like on a menu, I RARELY try something different.
- Even as a child, I have never liked Macaroni & Cheese. Yuck.
- I watched the movie Titanic 5 different times in a theater.
- Both of my parents are teachers, my grandma was a teacher, my husband is a teacher, and my sister is a teacher. I wonder how I missed being in this profession!
- I have the same birthday as Laura Bush and Walter Cronkite.


Sonora said...

Wow! Thank you! It really means a lot to me that you thought enough of my blog to give me this award! If you didn't already have it, I would give it right back to you!
I can't believe you have known your husband since you were 14. That has to be nice. I have only known mine a few years. I think it would have been fun to know him as a kid!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much :) I appreciate you thinking of little ol' me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the award!!!!!

Oh and I met my husband young too - and I always order the same things I know I like. :)

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

Thank you so much, Chrissy! What a nice surprise! I hope you have a wonderful day. :)

Shmonae said...

THanks for the award :) When I get a second I will post it. I like the name of your blog and am excited to read more about you!

This Daddy said...

Thanks for the award. I really appreciate that people like the blog. My stuff doesn't make sense alot of the times but isn't that how it is for most dads anyways?

Thanks again.

roadrunner201 said...

Thanks for the award:-)

My son also hates mac and cheese. But the weird thing was that first he liked it for a couple of months, then all of a sudden he hated it.

I saw Titanic 4 times in theaters. I think back now and I am like "why?" but at the time, it made perfect sense to me!

Helene said...

Congratulations on your award and thank you for including me in the list of bloggers to pass it on to!! You made me smile!

I'm the same way with menus...I've been ordering the same thing at Applebee's since the very first time I ate there years ago!!!!

Nikki B. said...

thanks, chrissy!! i so appreciate it!!! and congrats on your award!

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

OH MY GOSH.... I am so excited I don't know what to say.....blush**

again thank you so very much.


Mindy said...

I've never watched Titanic! lol

By the way, I don't show up on your BlogFrog sidebar for some reason.. :(

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