Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Morning at Church

To the woman who was standing next to me this morning at church:

I realize that you saw me do something that would more than likely be considered an odd thing to do while being led in worship. But I wanted to explain it to you so that you don't think I'm a weirdo.

Sometimes when I'm in a big group...among fellow believers...being led in worship...I can't help but want to share it with my mom. So since we were singing one of my favorite songs, and since I could just feel the Holy Spirit among us, I just had to call her during the David Crowder Band song Oh, Praise Him (All This For A King). I just couldn't help it.

I didn't have to say hi. I just listened to make sure she picked up, and then I held the phone in my hand down on the seat in front of me. I kept worshiping with you...with everyone...and I knew that my mom would continue to listen because this isn't the first time I've called her in this situation.

When the song came to an end, I didn't have to say goodbye. I just hit my "end" button, and I knew she would understand.

"Oh, thank you! That was sweet!" was the text message I received a few minutes later.

So I hope you understand why I did what I did. Sometimes I just have to share these kinds of moments with my mom. Those moments make me wish she was standing right next to me.




GapGirl said...

Oh my goodness, what an amazing relationship you have with your mom. What an amazing song too. Isn't it wonderful to worship in so many ways? Thanks for sharing!!! Really!

Susan said...

I was standing at the card section in Wal Mart when I got the call..with many around me..I stopped and stood still for the was very soul filling.. I sang that song on my way home..I love it too!! Since my church is over before your church wonder if I could get there and worship with you? Thank you so much for calling and allowing me to you!!

Debbie said...

That is great that you and your mom can share this special time together worshiping the Lord. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, so I gave you a sunshine award on my blog today. Your blog brings me such encouragement.

Katie's Journey said...

Love this. I wish I could say the same about my mother and I but church has always been something that I have had to do by myself. I do have my God daughter's family with me there which makes it a little easier! Loved this story.

Hope you do not mind a new follower either. :)

Kim said...

What a precious post ... I can totally relate to wanting to share it all with my Mom. And that is also one of my ALL TIME favorite songs!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Tara said...

Thanks for joining us today! Love that song and your story was just so sweet!

Amber Stoneburner said...

About 5 years ago, we had just started attending our church, and a "sister" friend was living with us but couldn't make it b/c she was sick. This exact Crowder song was her favorite and they sang it that night. My hubby called her up, didn't say a word, but held the phone up so she could hear. Right in the middle of worship! No one has ever said anything to us about it, although I have wondered what they thought. But it was totally worth it, when we got home, she was So Very Excited!! I love that you do this for your mom too!

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