Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today was hard...

This morning we traveled to our "home church" in Owensville so we could be with Mike and Kassie during their last church service before they moved to Indiana. I sat there in tears as she sang "How Beautiful" and I'm glad she couldn't see me...evidently I sat back far enough that my tears were not evident to her while she was on stage. For some reason hearing her voice this morning reminded me of when she sang at my grandpa's funeral - yes, she was that dear to my family...even to my dad...that she was asked to sing at something that important to us.

And the tears kept coming as the congregation gathered at the front to pray over them - for safe travels, for encouraged spirits, for a positive outlook on this new beginning.

So then the reality of it all hit me when Kassie told me they were actually leaving today. Just a few moments ago I sent her a text asking if they were all packed up, and she said they were. And they were on the road.

It just doesn't seem like this should be happening. It doesn't seem like a dear friend should be moving away from me again, just like last May when the Causey's moved. It feels like the same wound being wounded again. And it sucks to be honest.

But this is what grown ups do, right? We go. We go where careers take us. We ask that God lead us where He wants us, and we go. And yet...sometimes it just doesn't feel so great for the others who are left behind.

I love her like a sister.

Here are a few of my favorites through the years.

(With our first born babies, August 2004.)

(At a baby shower given to me by my sis and mom, Kassie holding her second born, my second born hadn't come out yet! July 2006.)

(Us being prego with our third borns! I was about 36 weeks and she was 17 weeks. I beat her this time...ha! October 2008.)

(This picture is special because it was at her surprise 30th birthday party. Her hubby asked me and two others to read Proverbs 31 - we took turns with verses - and he explained how Kassie was a Proverbs 31 woman with each verse. I will never forget it. November 2009.)

Ok, enough of my sappiness. I think I need to go run. She's coming back in April for the final weigh in for our contest! Can't let her down!


christy rose said...

It is hard when friends have to move away. ((((HUGS))))) to you!

kimberly anderson said...

Chrissy you are not being sappy at all. It is very hard to leave friends behind. I am sorry that you have had to experience this some much lately.

Causey Fam said...

I have been the friend "left behind" and also been the one to "go." I know your heart and feel your pain and you will be prayed for!

Life Laugh Latte said...

The pain of that is so vivid...I can remember. Luckily it happend once and not again since. But it actually made me physically sick when it happened. We rely on these friends in ways we never could on our family. Such a treasure friendship it. I'm praying not only for your heart...but that God would put someone so special in your life. Holly

Wendy said...

It is so great you have such a great friend like that that has been through all walks of life with you. You ARE so much like sisters because of the things you share. Hopefully her journey East won't damage your relationship-which I doubt, considering how close you are. Hope you feel better soon.

Kelly's Lucky You said...

((((hugs)))) Your post was written so beautifully to convey your feelings and the pictures were awesome. I hope the internet will help you two stay very connected even though physically far apart.

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