Saturday, May 23, 2009

You have spoken the truth over my life

I must confess that I'm very sad right now. I'm trying so hard to not be over-dramatic about it, but I hope everyone understands that a friend moving away is really difficult.

And I can't get these sweet images out of my head...

Wow, loading those on here was harder (emotionally) than I thought it would be. It's official now that Alli, Caleb's best buddy, will be moving away. Her daddy got a wonderful job offer, and it's a wonderful opportunity for their family. I wasn't even sure how to pray for them when I knew he was interviewing. I knew this would be just perfect for them. At the same time, I just really wanted them to stay here. I will miss Alli and her brother Payton. They are just the sweetest children I have ever met. I will miss their daddy, Chris, because he's so funny, witty, and is a great man of God.

And their mommy, Sarah. Words cannot even express how thankful I am that God put you in my life right when He did. You encouraged me. You prayed for me. You always had just the right book for me! :o) You and Chris helped me get Caleb in and out of preschool. I enjoyed our Panera trips during their PE classes! I've enjoyed our phone calls, our emails, your comments on my blog. And it's hard to believe I've only really known you for about 2 years...and only gotten close over the last year or so.

But...since God is so wonderful, He (again) spoke through Caleb at just the right time. I told Caleb that you all were moving to Bolivar. He looked down at first, but then his eyes lit up and he said, "Oh! You mean...that town we drove through that's close to Aunt Sonnie's house?" Seriously, I can't believe he remembered that detail. "Yes. You're right, Caleb! And we can try and visit some, ok?!"

So we will. We will visit! And maybe you can come to Springfield, too!

Thank you for being a Proverbs 31 woman. We are to strive to be like Jesus, but often I believe He sends us examples here on earth. You have been that example for me. And I can't thank you enough.


Anonymous said...

I can COMPLETELY empathize with what you are feeling right now. My very best and closest friend, that I only had the pleasure of knowing for 3 years, moved to Montana last summer. It was so very difficult and knowing she was a 24 hour drive away made it even harder! However, I can say, almost a year later, we are still so very close. We talk each week and meet up twice a year. God is so good when He puts special people in our lives, and He is faithful even when they move away. I'm sorry for your loss-I do feel for you!

Ashley said...

How sad. I have not had a friend move away since being an adult, but I have become extremely close to a few people who live several hours away...and since becoming such good friends it is very hard to say goodbye each time we leave each other. I will pray for you, because I know how hard it is to make and keep good friends! :0)

Mrs. Haid said...

My best friend moved 2 years ago to Florida. We had daily interactions, like you and Sarah and had just the best relationshiop. I am happy to announce we are still BFF and keep in contact by watching reality TV together via the phone, email frequently, have long and short phone calls, and do visits. Its not the same, but it is quite nice still!

Causey Fam said...

Thank you for your kind words! We are sad to leave here as well, but excited about what God has for us next. You are always welcome to visit---or maybe a get-together in Springfield at Chuck's!

SonjaMichelle said...

I am totally ok if you use me as an excuse to come down and see them. I dont mind the fact that I live close ish to them. And you can stay at my place so you dont have t pay for a hotel or whatever!

I started crying when I found out that Stacey (my best friend from college and DSP)got a job in KC and not Springfield. So, I kinda understand.

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