Monday, May 25, 2009

A Morning Dilemma

Specifically, a Sunday morning dilemma.

I have become much better at letting Caleb pick out his own clothes in the morning. On most days, I tell myself that it doesn't matter if he doesn't match, especially since the people we see the most are close friends, and they certainly don't care what my kids are wearing!

The only exception is Sunday mornings.

I like to try lay out his shirt and pants on his bed so there's really no argument. Right out of the bathtub, he heads to his room and sees his dress pants and shirt laying there. Sometimes, if I haven't done the laundry, he only has jeans to wear. Without any trouble, he dresses himself and gets ready for church.

But...the problem is...he really hates dress shoes.

For several reasons I debate with myself if it's worth the battle. On one hand, I want him to obey his mommy, and if I told him to put on his brown shoes, that's what he should do. On the other hand, I once learned that what we should do before church - even while getting ready - is to prepare our hearts for worship. If I'm having an argument with him about shoes, that's not exactly preparing his heart - or my heart - for worship.

So when he came out in his "Crocs" on Sunday...

...which are actually hand-me-downs from Payton (and have become his new favorite shoes), I just smiled. I looked at Josh and said sarcastically, "Is it taboo to wear Crocs and jeans? I don't exactly have any fashion sense you know!"

So, he wore them to church. And would you believe, we weren't ostracized. And my friends are still my friends, and his friends are still his friends. :o)

But Sarah...she still is at the mercy of her not-so-fashionable mom.

I think she looks cute no matter what!


Kim said...

I love Caleb's outfit and Sarah is always precious no matter what she is wearing.

Deanne Smallwood-Thomas said...

they both look cute, and happy!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Chrissy! I've seen kids at church in jammies, backwards dress shirts, sweatpants, etc. Chance wanted to wear his favorite jeans to preschool graduation...they are grass stained and have a hole in the knee-but he wore them and I think I was the only one worried about it! :)

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