Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's in a name?

I have hit a writers block of sorts. Not that I don't have a few things that I'd like to write about, I'm just uncertain as to how to go about stating it! :o) But here is one thing that's been on my mind.

I named my son Gabriel because I love the name. He is not Gabe. I do not like it when people call him Gabe, and I usually cringe on the inside when I hear it in reference to my child. Personally, if I know someone who named their child something that often is given a nickname, I always ask first. "His name is Joseph...do you call him Joe, Joey, or anything like that? Or are you sticking to Joseph?" Isn't that that polite thing to do? I mean, really...don't we as parents do A LOT of thinking about names?

On one (and only one) occasion, I did bring myself to say, "I'd prefer him to be called Gabriel," and that person still calls him Gabe. Ugh.

That's all I've got for today! :o)

Gabriel: Man of God. The name of the angel sent to Daniel (Dan. 8:16; Dan. 9:21): to Zacharias (Luke 1:11-19); and to Mary (Luke 1:26-38).


Ashley said...

We did a lot of thinking on Graysen as well, because we didn't want her called Grace or Gracie. We spent hours trying to find the 'right" spelling so that wouldn't happen!

Deanne Smallwood-Thomas said...

great point. i have a close friend who has a 6 month old, and we make a point of calling her by the long and short version of her name. but let's be honest with herself; she's going to go by the shorter version especially in school. which is sad to me because i like the longer name better:) love your blog!

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