Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day...probably the best one ever.

At about 7:00, I thought I could hear Gabriel's little cry. The one that means he's ready to wake up and play. Usually this is followed by the other two waking up. I could feel Josh get out of bed, walk out of the room, and pull the door behind him. "Yes! He's letting me sleep in!" Sleeping in on Sunday's is usually not an option since we have to get ready for church, but I didn't care. I just figured all the getting ready stuff would somehow fall into place.

Eventually all the giggles and talking that accompanies the kids and their morning routine kept me from sleeping any longer. I opened the door to my room and walked into the living room to see everyone. Upon further investigation, I could see Josh making me breakfast! He made THE BEST French toast, and he also put together a very yummy egg, cheese, and sausage casserole. Oh, so good! I was so thrilled that he thought to do this for me.

Then he asked Caleb, "Should mommy have to wait to open her gift or do it now?"

"Now!" Caleb exclaimed in response.

So first, I opened the cards. For the first time, Caleb wrote my name on an envelope. I just loved it. I now understand why moms keep things like this.

It was a sweet card from the that daddy helped pick out, and one that Caleb signed for me. He's just getting better and better at this. He makes me so proud.

Then, Caleb handed me my gift - a large box wrapped in white paper turned around so that the Christmas side of the paper wasn't seen. :o) I had no idea what Josh could have thought of, so I unwrapped it with eagerness to see what he came up with! And there it was...a large wind chime. I'm sure this doesn't sound like much. Maybe a random thought by some who would chose such a thing. But such was not the case with me. It was probably one of the most thoughtful gifts I've received from him. You see, every time I go out to my parents house, a home that sits on 80 acres just a bit outside of Owensville, I love to sit on their deck and listen to their wind chime. It's a deep sounding chime. One of the big ones. I always comment on it!

"I sure wish I could have chimes like that someday!"

Evidently, Josh was listening.

I smiled and got up from the table to give him a hug. "Thank you so much. This is so thoughtful of you!"

We got done with breakfast and started getting ready for church. The next best thing was yet to come. We dedicated Gabriel to the Lord during the morning service. There were three babies this year - Gabriel, Owen, and Bailee. Funny...we all live in the same neighborhood! I loved that Bro. Jerry used a scripture this morning that I often think of when I think of my kids:

"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD." 1 Samuel 1:27, 28

After church, my mom, Josh's mom and dad, Josh's brother Steve and Steve's wife Rebecca came to our house. We enjoyed eating lunch together and watching the Cardinals game!

It was such a nice day. One that every mom should get to have! :o) Thank you, Josh, for your thoughtfulness.

I hope all the moms I know had a blessed day!

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