Sunday, May 31, 2009

Potty Training - Attempt #3

I've heard people say that sometimes kids just have to do things in their own time. I used to think this was the dumbest thing, that everything could be taught or introduced within the time frame the "books" tell us parents to do.

Evidently, these people are not crazy after all.

Yesterday afternoon, Sarah walked into the bathroom, took off her diaper on her own, sat on the toilet, and actually went! I seriously could not believe it. This happened without prompting whatsoever from me or Josh. It was completely random and something she just decided to do. We made the biggest deal about it, cheering and jumping up and down. We gave her a small piece of candy, and asked her if she wanted to wear "big girl" underwear. She smiled and said yes.

We just took off with this, and so far so good. She has gone several times in the "big potty" as we call it, and one time she walked in there on her own without us taking her. She is willing to go, and not resistant, which is a far cry different than the other two times we tried to show her how to be a big girl.

So for all of you who told me she would do this in her own time...and all of you who I thought were just saying that to be nice or you meant it and I thought you were crazy, I apologize for not believing you! :o)

I hope this begins our lives as a household with only ONE kid in diapers!

Edit: I spoke too soon. This afternoon/evening she's be resistant. But we're sticking with it!

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Causey Fam said...

Hang in there!! Whoo-hoo, Sarah!!

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