Monday, May 4, 2009

Preschool (part 2)

I just wanted to share a few things...

This is Caleb's handwriting as of 5/3/09. I scanned it off of a paper from Sunday School. We will work on his letter "A" this summer so that it's lower case. He's been working on his "e" and it's almost correct!

One of Caleb's recent drawings. See how it's all square? He said he drew Wall-E! :o)

This is probably one of my favorite projects he brought home from preschool. On each of the flower petals, it says something about me (made it for Mother's Day). They asked him each question, and they wrote down his answer:

My mom has BROWN eyes.

My mom has BROWN hair.

My mom is THIRTEEN years old. (Too funny!)

I love my mom because SHE GIVES THE BEST HUGS. (Oh, melt my heart!)

My mom is THE PRETTIEST WHEN SHE SINGS. (I got tears when I read this.)

My mom's favorite food is SALAD. (Boy, I have him!)

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