Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laundry Friends

One Sunday evening while we were sitting around and talking at Ray and Shirley's house (for our Sunday night fellowship), Ray mentioned he saw an article that talked about refrigerator friends. You know...the friends you have that when you go to their house, you feel more than comfortable going to their fridge because you just feel like looking! Or you just know they have a can of your favorite soda! :o) I have a handful of these people in my life.

But I submit to you that there is another level of friendship. I guess you could call these laundry friends!

Yesterday I received an email from my friend, Sarah H. Normally Tuesdays are our American Idol nights. We always get together and watch, whether it be at her house or my house. Our sweet husbands endure this show and watch it with us, often commenting on the songs or attire. I think they secretly like it!

In her email she said, "Could we come to your house tonight? My dryer isn't working, and I have a load that I already started!"

Of course, I said yes. She brought over two baskets, and we watched our show while the laundry was being done. I know if I ever needed the same, she would let me wash and dry my stuff at her house, too!

Off the top of my head, I would say I have three laundry friends in my town. These are people who I know would feel comfortable letting me visit with them while I had to use their washer and/or dryer. It's not that there aren't many people who would be kind enough to offer...but you know what I mean. I still have to feel comfortable enough to ask! :o)

And while I'm there, I might peek into their refrigerator!


cheryl & dave w. said...

yes, sarah is DEFINITELY one of those "laundry friends"! =) i agree whole-heartedly!! =) isn't it wonderful that God puts people in our lives like that??

Causey Fam said...

So if I look in your fridge, will Caleb or Sarah pop out?! LOL

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