Monday, June 15, 2009

The Competition - Week 2 Weigh In

Our first weigh-in last Monday gave us our starting numbers. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with how much I'd like to lose, but I know I didn't become 40 pounds overweight in one day, so obviously I need to take this one day at a time and try to retrain myself about food choices. I'm hoping my addictions will cease to enter my mind, and while I've been doing so good, those thoughts of soda and McDonald's have not left me. I'm not saying I'll go the rest of my life without any junk, soda, or a trip through McD's, but right now I'm trying to get away from it in hopes that my body will quit wanting it. Will it ever?

So I hopped on my handy dandy Weight Watchers scale this morning for the official number. I have lost 5.2 pounds! I contribute my success to cutting out soda and McDonald's completely, drinking lots of water, working out on my elliptical and walking around the block, and making better food choices. On several occasions, I chose fruit over cake/brownie/cookie which is amazing for me. Really, it is! I'm trying to eat veggies, but the only one I like is broccoli, so I'm seeing lots of it. :o) I love Special K, and it has become my best friend.

There's my update on my weight loss journey. I will be posting my progress every Monday.

And by the way...I really love alliteration, so someone needs to help me find a title for each of my Monday posts in regard to this! M_____ Mondays - what could it be?


Kelley said...

Yay for you! I've been waiting for this stinkin' house to finish so I can start the exercise plan that works for me- 5 AM step aerobics!

Here'rs my brainstorm! monday motivation... Mind over Matter Monday... Munchie-free Monday... Weight-Management Monday... Making progress Monday, Moxie Monday

Ashley said...

Great job Chrissy, keep up the awesome work! :0)

Andrea said...

You write so well. I really enjoy reading your blogs.

Motivational (or -ed) Monday?

Causey Fam said...

Kick the McHabit Monday, Mission-Me Monday

Mindy Merenghi said...

Great job so far! I bet your body WILL stop wanting soda, McD's, etc. My ideas: Measure-Me Monday, Makeover Monday, maybe adding the word "mom" somewhere in there :)

cheryl & dave w. said...

it DOES take time, but after awhile i DID stop craving sodas, junk, etc.... =) so, i bet YOU will, too!! =) i just added a SMALL (and "points-friendly") snack or sweet in place of the other junk because i HAVE to have sweets or i would continue to crave all that my giant fudge bars for 1 pt. (maybe 2??), or my 100 cal. pack cheetos/oreos........ i also learned to love fruit for dessert as much as i did other junk. here's a warning though......IF you start adding some of that stuff back into your diet months/years down the road, your body WILL start craving it again!! that's what happened to me during my third trimester of pregnancy (i did SO WELL the first two trimesters!!). now it's hard to stop eating some of those things again. BUT, i am trying and i KNOW from experience that it can be done! way to go, chrissy!!! keep up all the fantastic and REALLY hard work!!!!! you can do it, girl! =)

and, i have NO snappy titles for you...not my forte! =) good luck on choosing one....there are MANY good ones that were mentioned!

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