Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Potty Report

We have now completed one full week of successful potty training! Hooray!

The first day we started was followed by three full days of non-stop accidents, and absolutely no successes. I was very frustrated and almost gave up, but a friend encouraged me to keep going (even after Sarah peed on her floor), and I also felt encouraged after reading one of the blogs I check in on from time to time. I thought, "Surely after all these accidents she will put together that wet undies = potty = need to go sit on the toilet!"

And she did.

It was like a new kid on Wednesday. The light switch was turned on, and she had an accident-free day. I was so excited. Really.

Of all the things in my life that I might list as making me feel accomplished or successful...NONE of them make me feel more successful than potty training my children. Sound silly? Perhaps. But that's just me! :o)

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Deanne Smallwood-Thomas said...

congrats, chrissy. that is a huge deal! you should celebrate!

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