Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Evening Walk

Thank you, Josh, for setting up your iPod for me to use tonight during my walk. You tried to pick out the songs you knew I would like, and you even showed me how you wear it when you use it. This was all quite helpful and so sweet of you considering I am not an iPod kind of girl!

But as I set out to begin my walk, I just couldn't use it.

I looked up ahead, and I saw a few lightening bugs. The sun had already set, but there was still enough light for me to see quite clearly. In the still of the evening, I just couldn't help but enjoy being on my own and absorbing all of the little details. As I looked up at the sky, I could see the crescent moon, and I thought the sky looked so beautiful. As I passed each house, I could see that the lights where on, and I wondered what each family was doing. I found myself praying for each family on my second time around the neighborhood, and I also thanked God for such a nice area in which to live.

I kept a fast pace, but my mind was slowly taking it all in. I can't remember the last time I went for a walk on my own. I enjoyed seeing a rabbit quickly cross my path. I loved hearing the crickets, because I miss that familiar sound of summer when it's gone. The warmth of the night brought to mind the days of my youth when I would play a late-night softball game.

It was just a really nice walk.

So, I'm sorry, Josh, that I didn't use your iPod. I thought it would make my walk more enjoyable.

But the joy came quite naturally.

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