Monday, June 29, 2009

Measure Me Monday

This week I lost 3.0 pounds which makes the total 10.8 so far. I am now 1/4 of the way to my goal! :o)

On Thursday (or Friday) I went to JC Penney to find something "summery" for me to wear as far as shorts or capris. It always upsets me to buy a certain size, but I picked out one size smaller than I was wearing before, just to see if it would fit. And guess did! So not only have I lost 10.8, I am down one size. Yay!

This is only getting slightly easier. I do not feel compelled to turn into Sonic or McDonald's anymore, but I do think about getting McD's breakfast from time to time. I did have it (McD's breakfast) once this week, and I wish I could say something like, "It's just not as good as it was when I was eating it more often." But it was so yummy to me! ;o)

And I am really starting to realize how much I love walking at nighttime. When the kids are all asleep, I head out on my own, and I just love it!

Thanks for your encouragement throughout my journey!

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