Monday, June 8, 2009

A Friendly Competition

Today begins another attempt on my part to lose weight. This time, I may have actually found some good motivation! My best friend from back home just had her third child in April, and she wants to lose weight, too. We have decided to utilize our competitive nature and have a contest between the two of us. The woman who loses the most percentage of weight by November 1st is the winner! The loser takes the other out for dinner. And guess November we both turn 30, so what a better way to mark our big birthday than to be skinny, too! :o) We both want to lose about the same amount, so I couldn't have picked a better accountability partner. Thanks, Kassie!

I do have one other motivating factor. This weekend, Josh was cleaning out one of our filing containers and found a Maurice's gift card for $50. I checked the balance, and I've never used it! It still has $50 on it! I love that store, and I would love to treat myself to a mini shopping spree in November.

I've had a good day. I've had no soda and no McDonald's - I know, hard to believe! ;o) Even though I'm about to kill my family and I want to smuggle in McDonald's somehow, I know that I'll be ok. Maybe if I just go to bed by 7:00 these cravings will go away in my sleep!


Anonymous said...

Good luck girls! You both can do it!!!! This is a really great idea : ) I cannot figure out how to post a comment on here so I will try to click on Anonymous.

Carrie Okenfuss

Roach Family said...

Have fun.. I am on the road to better health myself, mostly because I have to because of Hannah's and mines gluten allergy..Anyway, good luck you gals can do it.... the hardest part for me is the exercise.. I hate it.

Causey Fam said...

Proud of you!!! Hey--you can come shop the Maurices in Bolivar in November ;o)

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