Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FYI: A Plastic Knife

I would like to share a little tidbit of information with you. Just in case you didn't know. Because I didn't know until just a couple of years ago.

For one of our family gatherings, I had baked a nice pan of brownies. I had not "pre-cut" them for the event like I often do, so when I took them to my aunt's kitchen, I asked for a knife.

"Oh, now where did I put my plastic knife for brownies?" she said to herself. I must have had an odd look on my face, so she continued: "You know that a plastic knife is what you need for brownies, right?!"

"Really?" I replied with a surprised tone.

She explained, "It cuts them cleanly, without pulling up the brownies with it like the normal, silverware kind."

How interesting. I did not know that. So I used her plastic knife, and sure enough, my brownies looked perfect. No jagged edges at all. Just perfect squares!

So next time you bake brownies, be sure to have a plastic knife on hand.


Mrs. Haid said...

So I am learning things everyday just from reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I bake browines in a cupcake tin. It is perfect! You can take them to the event in a baggie so you don't have to worry about taking a pan home, they are already in individual servings, and people LOVE them! -Bethany

Nel said...

Thanks for the tip Chrissy!

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