Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Memorable Game

After my Wordless Wednesday post, I started to think of all the sweet blogs I've written about my dad. And then I wondered if I had unintentionally left out the most important woman in the world to mom! To be honest, I think I've just been thinking about my dad a lot lately because I've known three people who have lost their fathers this summer (who are my age and whose fathers are my dads age). But...I love my mom very much and think of her just as often.

So it got me to thinking...what is one memory that I hold dear about my mom? She may be surprised to read the answer to that question. Or maybe not so surprised!

In the spring of 1999, I was pitching for the Southwest Baptist University Bearcats. We had only played a handful of double headers early in the season, and up next was our first weekend tournament in Conway, Arkansas in the middle of March. My parents tried to come to games when they could, and since this was a weekend (and because my mom just really loves to drive), mom decided to journey along with us to this tournament. She checked into the same hotel as us. My coach even let me stay in her room. He also let me go out for ice cream with her on the first night we were there - Baskin favorite!

The pitching rotation had me throwing the last game of the first day of the tournament. It was an evening game, and I really loved pitching at night (I always seemed to do my best at night...still not sure why)! :o) I warmed up, got my game face on, and went out each inning with extra excitement knowing my mom got to come and watch.

But...for reasons I still don't understand, the coach decided to pull me out of the game after the 5th inning (this is definitely my old self talking now). We were up 3 to 1, and I felt that I was keeping the batters off stride and doing a great job. I did my best to keep my composure when he told me that Tiffany would be going in the next inning, but I'm often not good at hiding my feelings when it comes to athletics. I asked him if I could use the restroom at some point, and he said yes.

I quickly walked away, leaving my teammates behind in the dugout, and not really caring at that moment. I hoped that no one was in the restroom because I just really needed some time to myself. As I stood there, both of my hands on the sink, my head down so I couldn't see myself in the mirror, I heard the door open. It was my mom. In all of my anger I had almost forgotten that she made the trip to Arkansas to see me play. She told me how proud she was of the innings I had pitched. And, because she knows me so well, she said she didn't understand why he took me out of the game either. Because sometimes you just need someone to tell you what you want to hear. And moms know when those times are.

I hugged her. I cried. She said that I needed to go back to the dugout because that's what being a part of a team is all about. I agreed.

I had never left a dugout before in that way and never did again. But in that moment, I am so glad my mom was there.

Thank you, mom, for being my #1 fan. You were always the voice of reason, whether I was upset with my coach, or upset with dad when he made me pitch out in the back yard when I didn't want to! :o) And while my softball days are long gone, you are still a voice I can count on for the right words at the right time.

I love you.

"She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. Her children arise and call her blessed..."
Proverbs 31: 26&28

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SonjaMichelle said...

Yes! She really does know how to say what you need/want to hear in those moments when you need it.

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