Sunday, September 13, 2009

Three Strikes Bites You're Out

When I decided to breastfeed Sarah, I told myself I would continue nursing throughout her first year of life. I'd like to tell you it was because that's what best for my child, but really, it was because it was the most cost effective for our family (that's how I looked at it at first anyway). I eventually grew to love the time I spent with her and knowing I was giving her everything she needed.

As the months went by, and as I began thinking back to when Caleb had his first tooth, I started to wonder how I would nurse a baby with teeth. I began asking other moms. I read articles on and other helpful websites.

I remember reading that a baby actually can't nurse and bite at the same time. When their teeth first come in, they don't really even think to use those teeth. It's when they are done eating or are not hungry that the begin to chomp around. Sorry for that mental image.

My cousin told me to sternly say, "No!" if I was ever bitten and even tap her on the cheek so she knew she wasn't supposed to do that. I kept this in mind along with other tips I had gathered.

Believe me. There is no need for articles or advice. When that baby bites, you'll scare them out of it.


With Sarah, I yelled, "OUCH!" out of reaction and then told her, "No! That hurts Mommy!" She actually started crying because I startled her so badly. She never bit me again.

Gabriel, on the other hand, has bit me a handful of times. I was so frustrated after the second time, I told Josh that I was going to enforce the three bites you're out rule for this child. I thought for sure after that second time that I yelled in pain and scared him half to death (there is nothing more sad than a sweet little baby being scared by his mommy when he bites her and the pouty face and tears that follow) that he wouldn't do it again.

But this sweet face...

...which also has FOUR currently being weaned.


Ashley said...

Oh Man! I'm so sorry to hear that! Hunter only bit me once, and Graysen never did!!!! I'd have to agree with you (even as strongly as I am a breast feeding proponent) would totally take away the nice, calm, bonding part of it if you were terrified every time you sat down that you might get bit! Yikes!

Good luck!!!

Tina said...

But still, 10 months is great!!!

accesskas27 said...

hey girl..... i would do the exact same thing and will if jonathan starts biting.... you are an awesome mom and have done a great job!!!!

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