Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Attn: Rain

Dear Rain,

You must know by now that, no matter what the season is, you will inevitably upset people when you arrive.

In the spring, you cause excited baseball fans to miss games.

In the summer, you cause the outdoor-type to miss out on float trips or camping adventures.

In the fall, you keep children from jumping into crunchy leaves.

And now...as winter approaches...you have been stubborn and kept yourself from freezing so that those of us who want to see snow do not see snow.

I try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but my patience is wearing thin. It's possible that I could forgive you if you would promptly allow yourself to freeze so I could see a nice, soft, blanket of snow in my yard tomorrow.


If this does not happen, I'm not sure if I can endure much more disappointment. There is only one opportunity that you have to totally redeem yourself. And that would be a white Christmas.

No pressure or anything.

Sincerely, Chrissy


My So Called Life said...

I am ready for snow as well! Logan wants it to snow so bad he has been praying for snow. Great POST!

Tina said...

getting your snow right now!!!
And if it keeps my husband out all night - I blame you ;o)

But it does look awfully pretty !

Mindy said...

Yay, we got some snow flurries today!! (Although a blanket of snow would be preferred!)

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