Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Laundry Room

A piled up basket of dirty clothes over flowing in the laundry room - probably normal.

A piled up basket of clean clothes that I still haven't folded yet in the laundry room - also probably normal.

Realizing that you forgot which one was which - not good and probably not normal.


cheryl & dave w. said...

lol!! you are funny!! =) we have the clean clothes piled on our bed so they have to be folded before we go to bed and yes, our dirty clothes are piled up in our laundry room, too! =) (you can always do the smell test, you know!)

Mrs. Haid said...

NO... i think the last one is normal, too!

Felicia said...

Totally normal. Ive had to do the smell test a number of times.

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