Monday, December 7, 2009

Be a "yes" mom...

I read this today and thought I would share it with my fellow moms. Interestingly, I have tried to be this way recently - before I read the article/blog - but it was a really good reminder. I find that I am all too often a "no" mom for no good reason. I wonder how many of us are?

See the blog by clicking here.

Her contest is over, but let's try this month!

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Ashley said...

This is a major struggle that Lincoln and I have. I am naturally a "yes" mom - maybe to a fault (because that's how I was raised), and Lincoln is the complete opposite. He believes there are so many more activities that the kids can choose from than the ones that make messes or are inconvinient to him at the time. I would honestly say this may be on the top of the list of things we argue about! I've never put a "name" to it, but I'm so excited to let him read the article and "put into words" what I'm talking about!!! Thanks!

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