Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Purpose of Blogging?

I have a few questions for you on this Saturday morning:

1. If you are an "avid" blogger, what is your purpose in doing so? Why do you write each day? What are your restrictions (what content would be off limits)?

2. What do you believe is the overall purpose of the blogging world?

3. If you read blogs but don't write, what do you hope to gain by reading them? Specifically, those of you who read about people you don't know in real life - MckMama for example.

I will have a follow-up blog to these questions and will more than likely include some of your responses.



Mrs. Haid said...

Okay, not to brag... but I was the first blogger of our little blogger group. I started writing as a vehicle of self expression. I wanted it much more to be a journal than a forum of interaction between readers. I also wanted an easier way of journaling... something I had done in the past, but I really don't love my own handwriting and I find that I can type much more easily and quickly and it feels more like "writing" to me than when I hand write something, because its more difficult to edit by hand. I do a lot of deleting when I write!
When I write each day, it is a way for me to sort through my opinions and record my delights.

As far as restrictions... I wish I could write about as much as I would in my personal journal, but I don't think its appropriate to publish. That is why I don't write about my sex life, my in laws, petty family quarrels, or negative comments about employers. I am a firm believer in anonymity... you'll see I never write my son's name, my first name, my husband's name, my employer's names... And I wish that the people who commented on mmy blog wouldn't, but I don't know how to edit comments like that! I think this is MY thing, not my son's or husband's or whomever, so I shouldn't publish their names. Or our physical address!

I think the purpose of blogging is to let one's voice be heard. Its sort of like kareoke, except you write your own lyrics.

I think I secretly write because I LIKE writing. And I want to be good enough one day to publish a book. And this is good practice!

I think of many blogs as articles in magazines. Though some are more informative and others are more tabloid gossip.

I think of your blog as an inspirational blog... not because you are perfect, but becuase you talk about your relationship with Christ openly and you are a bit further on the life road than me. I read your blog because it is interesting to me for those reasons!

Oh, and now because I LOVE GINGER COOKIES!!

Tina said...

My blog is because I got frustrated with facebook and needed a place to keep the family caught up on the kids with pictures and stories. That is why it is a private blog, because it is just for those close people (close friends and family) that I trust and want to be involved in my journey...
It then became a "girl time" tool also, when I can't call my friends everyday I like that I can get on here and read what they are up to and they can see what I am doing.
I also like that I can do polls, get parenting advice if I am having a problem and share good deals and tips I have found. No matter if it is shopping, cooking, potty training, views on discipline, coping with something, etc. I like the input and I like to share things that have helped me if someone is going through something I have experienced.
I read mostly people I know - but the few NonRLF I have I think are personality types like mine, they have similiar parenting, political or religous beliefs as myself (usually not all 3 - one or the other) but I feel like I can relate to them in some way and can learn something from their blog!
As far as limits - I do not blog about the people that read my blog unless I know they wouldn't mind- if it is positive or a life story -
I try not to insult other peoples parenting or views, I state my own - trying not to be judgmental. And I don't blog about family feuds, friend fights or disagreements my husband and I have.... because it is noones business. I also try not to post any gossip - If I don't know it is true or if it isn't my own opinion - I don't post it. (not just local either, even celeb gossip, etc.)

Nel said...

I blog as an outlet... I stay home with the girls and get together with anyone other than family very little - if ever. I use it as a journal, but also a way to share with friends what is going on in my life. I try to keep it all reasonable, within limits of not talking about too personal issues or talking about anyone - but I do need someone to talk to about my parents divorce (I think this is the only issue I really talk too much about on my blog (personal stuff wise)).

I really try and keep if friend and family friendly - but like I said it's my outlet to the world and its private, so I do probably get a little too personal sometimes :)

And I love keeping up with my friends via blogs!

Mindy said...

I first started blogging on Xanga last year as a type of therapy for myself after a break-up. I needed to write my thoughts somewhere since I didn't talk to Ryan at the time. I only told a few close friends about it because it was mostly for me.

Then I saw Ashley's blog and thought it'd be nice to move to Also I discovered Bethany's blog and they both inspired me to write more. It seemed fun and it still is as I've discovered more about the blogging world. I feel silly that I didn't know such a popular thing existed. But at the same time, it's still therapeutical for me. Writing is my only creative outlet that I've found so far and I like it. It gives me something to do and distracts me from being alone. A bonus to blogging: it will be fun to look back at this someday in the future.

Since my blog is public and so easy to find, I don't write about everything... although there's not much I have to hold back. I just don't want to write about anything that could make me look bad, like for future employers or what not... They could google me and find my blog in a second. Sometimes I wonder if I should try to make it more private since I am the only Mindy Merenghi and someone could easily find me.

I think different people blog for different purposes, but overall it's just another way of connecting people and expressing oneself. Unlike Facebook, which also connects people, blogging is more personal and can connect "strangers." You quickly start to feel like you know them and you become interested in their life as if you really know them. It's kind of like watching a reality tv show or some type of tv show, depending on what they write about.

Those are some of my thoughts... :)

I can't wait to hear what you think too!

Causey Fam said...

I am not a blogger, but I do read yours as a way to keep up with you all. I sometimes venture to other blogs you follow if the title catches my attention. I do follow MckMama on occasion because her son dealt with a more stubborn case of what my son had after birth. I stumble upon other blogs sometimes if I have googled a topic and it comes up in the search.

My So Called Life said...

I would love to have the time to blog daily but some days there just is not enough hours in a day to blog. I love having a place to journal my thoughts and write about my feelings. If I had a private blog I would probably write about more personal things in my life. I think that every person is different with restictions and what is not over the line.

My purpose for the blogging world is to connect with other people like me. I love to get advise from other parent's. Some days it is just nice to know that others sturggle with the same things I do. I have reconnected with several people from highschool and I enjoy reading about their lives.

Funny thing is that I feel like I know you but have never met you before. I saw you in walmart and wanted to say HI but I was not sure if you would know who I was or not.

I do follow several blogs that I have came across online that spike my interest. I might not read them daily but when I have extra time I try to catch up.

I am interested to see you follow-up Blog!

Jennifer said...

Why do I blog? Mostly to keep our family up-to-date with our family. We live quite a ways away from most of the people in our families so it's an easy way to let them know what's going on.
The purpose of blogging? I don't know. I think it depends on the person. It's (for the most part) public journaling.
I have a list of blogs I read. It's a good way to keep up with people. The ones I read of the people I don't know are mostly because I enjoy their writing style or their blog relates to a specific goal (365 days of crockpotting).

SonjaMichelle said...

When I first started my blog I was in the middle of my first block of Student Teaching, which was at Marion C Early and the teacher (a young math teacher) said he had seen some blogs about people's student teaching experience.

It sounded interesting so I started mine to document and share my student teaching experience.

Well, student teaching took a LOT of time and really did not post much.

It wasnt till my second block of student teaching, at Willard, that I got the swing of things a had a little more time to spend on things like my blog. I acutally wrote more about my witner guard at the time and the man I was in love with. It was simply a journal for me. Nothing that would cause anyone to say "hmmm" or even comment really.

Now, it is still just a way for me to spill out what is in my head. I am so "put together" on the outside that I need a place to let my not so put together side leak out! I love allowing myself to talk about my heartbreak and hard times because once they are out I feel better. I love posting about happy things because I can look back on them. And I love sharing my passion for guard.

It is where I can breathe, sometimes, when I cant breathe anywhere else.

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