Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Beginning

It was two years ago when Ashley decided to start writing a blog as a way to "journal [her] thoughts and feelings for the last 11 weeks of pregnancy." She had been placed on bed rest, and she began to write about what that was like, what she missed doing, and how much she appreciated those who helped her throughout that time. I remember when she sent me the link to her page, and I became a frequent visitor.

While I read her writings I thought to myself, "I couldn't possibly come up with something every day and have a worthwhile blog." I began to read the blogs she had listed on her page, and I saw how all these young women, all so different, put into words their thoughts and feelings about various topics. Some were light-hearted. Some were serious. But I began to truly enjoy reading each one, and I thought it was time that I gave it a try.

I had only one ground rule: I was not going to discuss politics. I also wanted to stay away from heated topics and did not want to start any debates (I made it through the entire year sticking to this...until that darn Santa blog)! ;o)

I did wonder, however, what it would be like to express how I handled each day as a stay-at-home mom with three kiddos. Would I tell it like it is? Why would I sugar-coat anything? That certainly wouldn't be helpful to anyone else.

So I began to just freely express the ideas that came to me. The purpose - for me - was to share with other people how I deal with each passing day. To share how God was working in my life and how He spoke to me or revealed scripture to me.

I never - repeat never - write a blog with the intention of bringing attention to what I would consider someone else's shortcomings. By that, I mean that I wouldn't write something like my "Should You Trade Up?" entry thinking to myself, "Boy, I sure hope so-and-so reads this...that'll show them how materialistic they are." I also would not write about someone else more specifically like, "I saw a person at Country Mart the other day, and I can't believe how horrible she was being to her kids and husband," knowing that the person saw me, would read my blog, and know that I was talking about her.

Make sense?

If I do write about my family or friends, and if I know it deserves a phone call first, I do. I even asked Josh if it was ok with him to write the post about our friend Joe. Just to make sure I wasn't being too sappy about the guys! And yes, I even called my mom and I told her I was going to write my Santa story. She was completely ok with it, even down to the detail about me "resenting her" at that time as a child.

Most of you said you read blogs to keep informed of how your friends are doing. If you read other blogs, you read them because they have similar life circumstances, similar beliefs, or a likable writing style.

Secretly (or not so secretly) I wish I could become a "famous" blogger (whatever that means). I want people who don't even know me to read my blog because we are similar, they find encouragement from me, and I have a likable writing style. Part of this is probably because I am a stay-at-home mom with a bachelor's degree, and I feel as though my blog gives me a since of purpose outside of raising my kids. It is not that my children aren't extremely important or that I don't see the huge role I have as their mom, but hopefully other women understand when I say...sometimes I don't want to be defined solely as MOM. I am so much more and have so much more to give, even if most of my life is currently about them.

There you have it. My purpose of blogging.

After a LONG talk with a dear friend last night (which kept me up WAY past my bedtime) I know that God spoke through her and I am ready to get back to blogging more about my walk with Him.


SonjaMichelle said...

I think you could be a "famous blogger"

They way you word things and the (true) stories you tell....I love them and I know others do too.

And you are already on your way there...Step 1. Get published....Check.


Mindy said...

I'm so glad you are back to blogging already! Can I say I knew you would miss it? :) And your readers would miss you!

I think you are a great writer and could draw in a lot of readers! It seems to me that your blogs are very "commentable." I think I just made that word up, but what I mean is I don't think I'm the only one who always finds something to say in a comment. Even though I can't relate in terms of being a Mom, I still love your blog!

Now I think you should start joining blog networks like BlogHer and BlogFrog so others can find out about your blog. I've found that it helps to find other blogs and comment on them, although it does take a lot of time.


Tina said...

Do we are that family - tree society issue, I always check out the blogs from there...

Ashley said...

How fun Chrissy! I'm glad that I was part of what got you interested in blogging...because I love your blog so very much! I would have missed so much if you hadn't ever started! :0)

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