Thursday, December 24, 2009

Favorite Ornament - And Final Thoughts on Santa

Yesterday my mom and I went to Jefferson City for some last minute shopping. While we were at the mall, she bought a new, family ornament for me! I simply LOVE it, and I proudly display it HIGH on my tree (out of reach of small hands)!

Josh has indicated that this must mean we're not having more children since I had an ornament made with only five spots for family members! ;o) Silly, Josh. We can always buy a new one!


As for a final thought on Santa, today I noticed that MckMama had a post on it. I wondered what she would say, and actually the way she described it with "Big Mac" is similar to how it was with Caleb last year and this year.

The reason I mention this post is because it was really encouraging to me to read so many comments from other parents who are like me. They tell their children that Santa is pretend. Some tell their children about the real St. Nicholas. Of course out of hundreds of comments there are those who do Santa. But the point is...everyone shared their different views, and when it came to the ones who chose to not do Santa (from the few comments pages I read, it seemed like this was the most common practice), it didn't seem like anyone was stunned or thought those parents were weird or mean or whatever.

There were even some comments that indicated that the adult did not grow up with Santa either and they did not feel like they missed out on any of the fun of Christmas morning.

So I'm not looking for more discussion. I know your views. I wanted to share another blog whose author was similar and whose commenters were also similar. One person indicated to me that I was brave for sharing that I don't do Santa. It's not that uncommon after all! :o)


Mindy said...

I love your new ornament!

Nel said...

I love your new ornament too!
We need a new one for this year as our family of 3 has grown to 4 and I hope that some day down the road it turns to 5 :)

Jessica said...

I love those ornaments! We've now got 4 different family one's and the girls each have one too. I took some pictures of them the other night, I'll have to post them soon.

Susan said...

I love this ornament too!! It just looks like your family to me :)

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