Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Caleb's Christmas Program

You may recall this post where I addressed the fact that Caleb would make a great shepherd or wise man in our church's Christmas program. And how did I know? Well...because I'm his mom, of course! Mom's just know.

On December 13th, he did, in fact, show what a sweet little shepherd he could be - even if Miss Debbie had to stop in the middle of the program to rearrange the shepherds once since they decided to analyze each others costumes. They all still did a great job overall!

There were three shepherds with lines, and Caleb was the second...

Wes: Let's go to Bethlehem...
Caleb: ...and see this thing which has come to pass...
Eli: ...that the Lord has made known to us.

He also had a short solo in the middle of this song. I only recorded the beginning and Caleb's part:

You see the director get up and take his head piece off. It was bothering him the entire time, and eventually it got to the point where it completely covered his eyes. I wish you could see it better because it was so funny to me. You can probably tell that the other kids were trying to help him walk up to the microphone...that's because he couldn't see!

It's so funny how many camera flashes there were throughout it all. You could really tell how proud the parents were of those little angles, shepherds, wise men, Mary and Joseph!

My first experience watching Caleb on stage like this was wonderful. I enjoyed the short program and loved seeing Caleb and his friends do such a great job. I'm thankful for Miss Debbie and Miss Kristen for working with the kids and also for several others who worked behind the scenes to make it all run smoothly (Jeanette and George for doing the music, Randi and Bill for helping the kids enter and exit the stage, and Joe and Dave for doing sound and lights).

Perhaps next year he will be promoted to a wise man? Or Joseph? But I'm not sure if we could pass off a red-headed Joseph?! :o)

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