Monday, November 2, 2009

I am one of THOSE moms...

As hard as I've worked to be a non-competitive who doesn't compare her children to others and rejoices in their own accomplishments (not rejoicing because they "did better" than someone else) I found myself becoming someone else the other day. I'm not sure where she came from.

One Sunday afternoon, I had just finished with hand bell practice, and Debbie (the hand bell director...and...also Caleb's Sunday school teacher) reminded me that there will be a Christmas program for the children this year, ages 4 through 6th grade. I told her I thought that was great, and I was so excited that she and Kristen would be working with the kids on this! All I knew was that it would be a traditional program, full of wise men, shepherds, and angels.

Then she mentioned that there would also be speaking parts, and the kids would be "trying out" for them.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I immediately asked her what kind of lines and if I could work with Caleb on it. I proceeded to tell her that he already had acting experience because he played the role of Jesus as a 4-month-old!

Furthermore, I told her that he was the only boy to complete his AWANA Cubbies book last year, which obviously means he is good at memorizing.

She just smiled at me and said, "You know, he'll be the youngest one. The older kids will probably be doing the speaking parts!"

I nodded. "Sure, maybe next year," I added.

But secretly, I hope he gets a speaking part. Of course, I'll be ok with it if he doesn't. Yet...somewhere inside me is the mom who just knows her son would be the best little wise man!


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