Sunday, November 29, 2009

Higher Education

Give thanks #29

In May of 2002 I graduated from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration - emphasis in Public Relations/Marketing. I am thankful for the years I spent there and the education I received. It was most certainly divine intervention that sent me to SBU, I'll have to elaborate on that some time.

I believe the professors where/are top notch, and I know that the College of Business and Computer Science was among the very best in the nation. I actually read an article not long after I graduated that said SBU was recognized as one of the top universities in the nation for business. I was proud to know I graduated from such a place.

Not only did I feel that I had the knowledge it would take to be in the business world, I know that they prepared me to actually FIND a career. I was prepared for interviews, and I know that one of my strengths is resume writing. I have helped several friends and family members with their resumes, and I enjoy making someone look really good on paper with the facts they give me.

Obviously I am not working outside of the home currently, but I still believe that higher education is important, even if I am home for several more years. I want to be able to tell my children that they should pursue a degree, not just because I say so but because I led by example. I believe the time away from "home" gives a young person time to develop discipline and learn who they are and what they are really good at doing.

So...thank you SBU. And thank you, mom and dad, for encouraging me to expand my academic mind! :o)

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