Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Birthday Surprise

Give thanks #3

On Tuesday morning, Josh handed me an light blue colored envelope with my name on it. He would be gone on Wednesday - my actual birthday - so I figured he just wanted to be able to give me my card ahead of time so he could see me read it and I could tell him thank you. The adventure that began with that card was something I could have never imagined, and it was by far the best birthday gift/surprise that anyone has ever pulled off for me!

Inside the card was a small piece of paper...with a short poem written:

To make this day special
I'll send you on a quest
To make you feel special
Because you are the best

Be careful of time
And don't forget the clues
Or you won't know
Just what to do

To start: drop off Caleb at preschool and leave the car seats and kids with Sarah H and pick up your next card.

Wow, I suddenly felt a huge smile come across my face. The fact of the matter is, Josh isn't exactly the best at planning ahead or keeping a secret when it comes to gifts/surprises! I don't know, maybe it's a guy thing?! :o) But I could already tell that he had something big up his sleeve with this one!

I did what the card said. I got the kids all dressed and ready, and we headed to Caleb's preschool. I dropped him off, gave him a hug, and then proceeded to drive to Sarah H's house to leave Sarah and Gabriel with her. What a sweet friend. I stood in her kitchen and asked if she had another card for me? She smiled and said, "Of course!" I read the next clue.

A common symbol for marriage
Means more than people know
A good place to start as any
Because to me, it's not just for show

This symbol started our marriage and could use a good cleaning. Find a place to make it sparkle and get a gift. Be there by 10:00 am. Don't forget your next clue.

I thanked Sarah and left for Rolla. Again, I just couldn't stop smiling. I knew where to go. We had just gone through some local "birthday freebies" that I received in the mail, and I knew that Kent Jewlry was the place to be. When I walked into the store and told them that I was Chrissy, the girl just smiled and said, "Right this way," and before I handed her my ring, she handed me another card! After I gave her my ring, I stood at the front desk and read my next clue.

They made your ring shine
Now it's your turn
Your smile is often beaming
And sends me the extra mile

"Make this birthday truly special
By starting with a beautiful new smile"
A checkup, a cleaning, and stuff to make it white
After today, you will be just right!

You received a slip of paper for a special gift so bright, just go there and get a checkup and your smile will be white. Be there by 11:00 am SHARP. Don't forget your next clue.

Oh, I was so excited. The girls at the jewelry store asked me where I was going next, and I said, "If I tell you, it will sound weird! But I have a dentist appointment, and I've been wanting to have my teeth whitened for so long!" The girls agreed that it sounded like a great idea.

I left the store with a sparkling ring and a hop in my step. I just wanted to drive back to St. James and give Josh a big hug, but I had to stay on track. The clues said to be there right on time after all! :o)

So I drove across town to Forum Dental, smiling the entire time. I pulled up, got out of my van, and energetically entered the dentist office in a way I'm sure most people do not approach the front desk! I saw two girls standing there and said, "Hi, I'm Chrissy...I have an appointment at 11:00." Both girls smiled really big (this is a pattern with this adventure) and a girl with dark hair named Melissa said, "Yes, everything has been taken care of (forms, insurance, etc) and I have a card for you." I took the card from her and had a seat in the waiting area. I wondered where I'd go next...

Tara is not just a place in Gone with the Wind
Days go by where you do not feel

Today that will change
It will take a little while
So no need to rush
You'll always be my sweetie
You'll always be my crush

Find a place that is relaxing...the name is in the clue. You're appointment is at 1:00 pm but get there a little early to enjoy lunch before you start.

No. Way. Oh. My.

I'm not sure the day could get any better.

But...I must admit, I had a set-back in my day. While this was bad news, I am SO GLAD Josh made me finally go to the dentist after...ahem...10 years. (Remember my "judging blog"? Yeah, go ahead. It's ok. Bad, Chrissy.) No, I did not have any cavities, but because I've had three children (and that can take it's toll on a woman) I had some minimal bone loss. The dentist said it was caught early, no big worries. He also said it's time to have my wisdom teeth cut out.


And while this news would normally be dreadful, I'm just glad that I finally got in to the dentist. I did not get my impressions for my whitening trays. I will have to have those fitted in 4-6 weeks after I have my "extensive" cleaning next week ( know...10 years of not seeing a dentist is not a good thing).


While most people might hang their head after such news, I briskly walked out of the building knowing that my day was not done.

I drove to Tara Day Spa. When I approached the front desk, I told them my name. The massage therapist smiled and said, "We have lunch set up for you back here...let me show you." Really? That's not something they do. How'd he pull this off? She took me to a room where my favorite sandwich from Panera was sitting, complete with a brownie and a Pepsi! Later I asked one of the girls if she knew who brought it in for me, and she said she thought it was my dad. It was actually Josh's dad!

While I was there I had an aroma bath, massage, manicure, pedicure, and a facial. I have never ever had all of those at once, and I've actually never had a facial!

My last card said...

Unfortunately your day is over
Time to come home to your family
I hope you had lots of fun

This is a special day
No reason to be sad
Your family loves you
So that is a lot of reasons to be glad!

The reference to being sad, of course, is because I hadn't wanted to turn 30! ;o) But I must say, the day that Josh put together for me was simply the best. It was so thoughtful, and so me.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a husband who knows how to make me feel special.

And to those who played a part in the day (even the ones at each location...I wish I could tell them thank you) thanks so much. It meant the world to me. Oh, and even my mom played a part...she watched the kids last Friday so Josh could drive all over Rolla and get the cards to each location.

It was a great day.


Mrs. Haid said...

Oh, Chrissy, this makes MY afternoon!

I've been praying for you and for this day, because I know you needed something sparkly and new. I specifically prayed for SPARKLE and re-energizing! WOW.

I feel so happy that you had a day to remember and that you know you are so special to your husband that he prepared a day such as this for you!

Next year is going to be hard to top... but maybe at 40 you'll have some sort of quest that ends up at a car lot or something???

F&F Mali said...

Oh, how exciting, Chrissy! You definitely deserve it. Happy Birthday!

Felicia said...

WOW, WOW and WOW again. What a lucky girl you are! Can you send Josh over to talk to Mark? Im so happy that you had such a wonderful day. You totally deserve it. Happy Birthday!

Mindy said...

This is SO AWESOME! =)

I smiled the whole time I read it!

kimberly anderson said...

Instead of teaching the Dave Ramesy Financial Peace, he should be teaching husband 101! He really needs to talk to my husband. I would fall over if Jim ever did something like that! I am glad you had a great Birthday. You are very blessed!

Causey Fam said...

WOW! That is AMAZING! You deserved it! I wondered what the "hunt" was all about. Thanks for sharing! Happy B-day!

Mindy said...

Oh one more thing... why would the dentist need to take your wisdom teeth out now?! You've probably had them for a while, and you're still fine... right?! I don't understand this whole wisdom teeth thing and I don't want mine out!

SonjaMichelle said...

About mid way through this post...I started crying. Glad I read it before my students got here. I hope one day I have a husband like this. I kinda hate you a! Soooo glad it all worked out. He asked me questions about the facial and stuff...I wasnt sure what he was up too. It was WAY better than I guessed. Thought he was just gonna give you a gift card. Man was I off!

Love you.

Nel said...

I too cried while I read this! Congrats Chrissy! What a day!!!

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