Monday, November 9, 2009

Rejoicing With a Fellow Believer (who, by the way, I don't even know)

Give thanks #9.5 (I have an extra one today!)

It's amazing to me how we can become so emotionally connected to someone we don't even know...just by reading their story and keeping up with their lives via a blog. Maybe that sounds weird to some. Maybe, in some way, it's no different than those who are obsessed with "entertainment" news.

I think it's different.

Since January or so (when I officially began blogging) I've been reading a blog originally entitled My Charming Kids. She now goes by MckMama (well, she always has, but now her blog is called that, too)! Many of my fellow blog friends read it as well.

Her son's story is quite amazing. Their faith is amazing. Her writing style is something I absolutely love, and there's just something about her that makes me feel like I know her personally. But in reality, I don't.

And still...I found myself praying daily for her little boy. Back in July, when Josh and I were in Michigan, I couldn't stop thinking about Stellan. He had quite a scare back then, and I kept going to my computer thinking, "Please, Lord, let him make it through this."

He did make it through.

Today brought more anxiety for the one known as MckMama. Today Stellan had a heart ablation. It was something the family had been preparing for. They knew it was risky, and I just can't imagine what that mother must have gone through. Really. I found myself in tears as I read:

"This morning, Stellan flat lined on the table in front of me, lost his blood pressure nearly completely and needed to be shocked back to life."

Can you even imagine?

But just a few hours ago, she posted this, and I REJOICED WITH HER! I really did. I found myself in tears. I was so thankful that her little boy made it through the procedure with flying colors.

And I even told Caleb about this today. He was standing beside me at the computer when I was reading her blog earlier, and I told him we needed to pray for a little boy who would be having heart surgery. "I should draw him a picture," he responded. Caleb always draws pictures for people in our family who are sick or having surgery. So I encouraged him to do so.

Later, he decided that others should see his picture and pray for Stellan, so Josh helped him put it outside (he taped it to the wooden stick himself).

It made me emotional to see him do this. Just knowing that he was also praying for someone he didn't know and cared enough to put his picture outside for others to join us in praying.


"So that's that. Stellan, who nearly died on us this morning, is SVT free tonight. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!"

And I am thankful.


Mindy said...

Isn't it so amazing?!? Stellan's story has touched so many lives, just through something as simple as a blog! I loved her post on the purpose of prayer and how she said all the people who are praying for him are growing in their faith because of it. It doesn't even matter if we personally know their family or not! :) God is great!

Causey Fam said...

I, too have been praying for Stellan and his family! We have a little in common when it comes to SVT, although Stellan's was much more stubborn than Payton's. I was sooo thrilled for them last night! What a mighty God we serve!

Causey Fam said...

I love Caleb's picture!

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