Monday, November 9, 2009

Beautiful November

Give thanks #9

I know it's probably corny and lame to talk about the weather, but I have to tell you...these first nine days of November have been the most beautiful autumn days I've probably ever seen. It allowed for me to get out of a mopey slump (after all the RAIN, RAIN, RAIN in October) and I was able to have a gorgeous day to celebrate turning 30. The Tuesday that Josh planned for me was so sunny. The Wednesday of my actual birthday was gorgeous, too. And this past Saturday, I had some family members (and a close friend) come to my house to celebrate, too, and it was just perfect. It allowed for some nice pictures...

Jennifer, me, Sonja, and Kelly - the "granddaughters" on my dad's side.

I know that these pretty, sunny days are not a constant here in Missouri. By Saturday (I think...according to we will see rain again. But two weeks of sun has been enough to recharge me. I think I can handle a few days of rain. I'd even like to see some snow! ;o)

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