Friday, November 20, 2009

Evidently I look MUCH older than 23...

Tonight Caleb and I made a trip to Wal-Mart to try and find a few clothing items for our upcoming family pictures. I did not get all dolled up for this outing, I merely had my usual Wal-Mart outfit on, complete with Adidas pants, t-shirt with a gray sweatshirt over the top, and tennis shoes.

Oh, and no make-up.

As we approached the check out lines, I saw a tall, nice looking, college-aged guy standing at aisle 8 with no one in his lane. He smiled and said with a very friendly tone, "Ready to check out?!" And I replied, "Sure!"

Now, I must confess, anyone who is that friendly to me in the evening after I've had a day of loud children to tend to should receive a bonus. And I could tell that was just his personality. I'm not always that privileged to encounter such a nice employee at Wal-Mart to be honest.

He said to Caleb, "So, what's it like shopping with your sister." Ah, yes. Trying to be sweet.

Caleb responded, "Oh, my brother's birthday party is tomorrow." I know, completely random, but I don't think he understood what the cashier was asking.

The guy continued with the flattery, "So, how old is your sister (meaning me)? Twenty-three?"

Of course, Caleb chimed in and said, "No, she's three." The guy was confused because he obviously didn't know that Caleb did, in fact, have a sister. It just wasn't me.

I just smiled and said, "He has a little sister. But you just made my night."

"Well, I'm glad I could do that!" He handed me my receipt, and I walked out of Wal-Mart with a smile.

Until I reached the car and replayed this in my head.

When a young guy who is kind-natured says something like that, that means he's trying to flatter a person. And since he used the number twenty-three, he must have thought I LOOKED MUCH OLDER than that or it wouldn't be that much of a compliment.

Oh. My.

I guess I will wear make-up next time. Maybe that will get me 21?


By the's not that I think I look 23...or 24, 25, 26...whatever...but when I'm already getting pretend age flattery comments...I think it's just a weird thing to have to experience already.


Jessica said...

I'd still take it as a compliment even if he knew you weren't 23! And yes, it's very nice to find a friendly cashier at Walmart because most of them are cranky.

Mrs. Haid said...

That's pretty odd. Its not like the cashier works on tips! I am impressed with Caleb's ability to respond so quickly to strangers... he isn't shy then?

I think its neat that you take little trips with just him. Its a good idea I will have to remember!

Ashley said...

I avoid that cashier! lol He does that kind of thing to me every single time I check out with him and I think it's rather offensive. I think it would hit me another way if I didn't have my kids with me, but, like Caleb, they never understand what he means and I don't ever want them to get the idea that someone is "flirting" with their mom...other than their dad of course!!

(just my opinion on the guy of course, I'm glad it made your night!) :0)

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