Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Strong Support System

Give thanks #27 & #28

My parents have always been a great support system in my life. They encouraged me to do the very best that I could do whether it was academics, athletics, instrumental or vocal name it.

They were supportive of my relationship with Josh, and even though Josh asked my dad permission to marry me when he was only 19, dad still must have seen something good in him and was thrilled at the idea of having him as his son-in-law. We would later get married when I was 21 and he was 20. Just kids. But knowing that they love Josh and never speak poorly of him has made our marriage stronger than it would be if they did not support us.

I believe we would have not made it through some rough spots if my family spoke unkindly of him. I mean, if I'm not feeling so thrilled to be his wife, all it would take is some prompting from someone close to me to put horrible thoughts in my head: "Yeah, he's not worth it anyway. You might was well just leave. You'd be better off."

I have NO ONE in my life who says that to me. I'm very thankful for that. But more importantly, my mom - and sister for that matter - wouldn't say it about him either. And those two people are very important supporters. My dad enjoys being around Josh, too, and it makes me happy that they have that sort of relationship.

Another set of supportive people are my in-laws. They are wonderful individuals, and I couldn't have hand-picked them any better! :o) I can honestly say that they are another mom and dad to me. If you see Josh's dad's truck in our driveway in the middle of the week, it's because he came over - just randomly - to play with the kids on his day off! He has become great friends with my dad. They've been known to go to Cards games and Rams games together. They also hunt together. He really is like another dad. Josh's mom has a sweet spirit, and even though she tends to be quiet, she's pretty funny when we get her going! She has always been kind to me, she has never questioned my parenting - I seriously can't thank her enough for that - and she has always made me feel like Rebecca (her other daughter-in-law) and I are really like her own girls.

I put my parents and Josh's parents into one thankful entry because we appreciate both "sets" so very much.

You all have been there for us, encouraged us, and loved us unconditionally. You must have taken to heart when Bro. Dean said, "These two shall become one," on our wedding day because I truly feel that the four of you are the greatest support system we could have ever asked for. You know that we are one, and you would never do anything to attempt to compromise that.

Thank you. We love you.

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