Monday, November 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Give thanks #16

Back in January when I started blogging, I wrote this:

In those quiet times, I often just walk through our home. My arms are folded, and I slowly look at each room. Sometimes it's all picked up: kids clothes and toys are put away, furniture is dusted, dishes are clean, beds are made, floors are vacuumed. Other times, it's not so tidy! Either way, I just find myself feeling so thankful for my home. It's a very modest home, nothing spectacular. It's in a nice neighborhood where I know many of the people around me. I would feel comfortable walking next door and asking for a cup of sugar! I have, in fact, gone next door and asked for jumper cables! :o)

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There probably isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about how much I love my home and my neighborhood. And like I mentioned in the above writing, it's not because it's so spectacular. It's not in an upscale area. It's not huge, and to be honest, some days I wonder if we'll outgrow it! But it's quaint, and it's perfect for us. I adore my neighbors. It's great to take a walk early in the morning (well, any time of day really) without worrying about traffic. My kids can walk with me or ride bikes, and I know it is safe because the cars driving by are cautious enough to know that families do that...we take walks with kids.

I am quite fond of our back yard. It has given my children hours of fun. With the fence around the back (that my husband and a few others worked on the week we moved in) I know that I can go outside with all three of them and not worry about one of them wondering off! :o) They enjoy the big Willow tree and often have adventures under the low-hanging branches. We play "kickity kick ball" or other games, and it's just a great time.

The day might come when we move away from this place. Maybe it's because we found a bigger home with more room for our growing family...or maybe it will be because God called us elsewhere. Either way, I know that the memories we've created here will never fade. Caleb had his first birthday here. Sarah and Gabriel were brought home from the hospital to this place. So many memories. And I cherish them all.

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