Thursday, November 26, 2009

I have some catching up to do...

Give thanks...catching up.

#23 Yesterday my new bedding arrived. This was my third pick, but only my second attempt (only the second time I ordered one). I am so thrilled with it. I really love it, it's just perfect and fits my personality and fits what I had in mind!

The picture doesn't really do it justice, it even looks nicer in real life. It has more of a shimmer look, and the blue is a prettier blue.

So I am thankful that I finally found the perfect bedding. It's been several months in the making!


Now to catch up on my 30 Days of Thanks, I'm going to cheat a little. Yesterday my sister gave me my Traveling Light book. I LOVE IT! I would highly suggest that everyone who blogs do this...have their blog turned into a book. THANK YOU, SONJA!

While flipping through it, I noticed several entries where I basically was writing about something I was thankful for. I didn't word it as such, but they were things I had thought of during this month (when I was brainstorming for ideas to write about), so I'm going to link those previous entries to my current entry about being thankful.

Here we go:

#24 I am thankful that Sarah C. let me borrow The Total Money Makeover. It changed us.

#25 I am thankful when God humbles me.

#26 I am thankful for the surgery that corrected Sarah's eye condition.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I pray that you have safe travels and that you eat lots of fun stuff...and that it doesn't show up on the scale! ;o)

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