Monday, August 24, 2009

Surgery Day

Perhaps you recall this post where I explained that Sarah would have a surgical procedure on August 24th. Well, this morning came and went, and all is well!

We had to leave super early - 4:30 am - and the nurse who called and confirmed all the information this week told me to just bring her in her PJ's.

So I did.

We arrived at the Mason Ridge Surgical Center at 6:30 am, and while it was not Children's Hospital or Cardinal Glennon, the physician was a pediatric ophthalmologist, so it was very kid friendly in the waiting room. The receptionist even turned on Blue's Clues for Sarah! And we sure love that show!

The nurses were so very sweet, they asked Sarah all kinds of fun questions and spent time getting to know her before she had to be taken away for surgery. They gave her two books, one being a picture book, and she told them every animal she saw!

When it was time to be wheeled away they told her to say good bye to Mommy and Daddy. "Bye bye!" she said with a smile on her face! We both gave her a kiss and watched her roll down the hallway in her little bed. Both nurses and both anesthesiologist said to us, "We will take good care of her!" And I believed them. I was very calm and not upset at all. I could feel God giving me a peaceful spirit about it all.

I didn't have the heart to take a picture after the procedure. As good as she was beforehand, she was not so happy afterwards. Once the anesthesia wore off, she cried and cried. They told us it was because she was disoriented and still didn't have full control of her body - not exactly the type of thing that an almost 3-year-old can understand. Josh and I took turns holding her (because she kept going back and forth) and did our best to calm her.

She slept the entire way back to Mama and Papa Vogt's house. When we got there, she woke up and was bright-eyed!

Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you, Kim, for the cookies!

And thank you SO MUCH Mom and Dad for watching Caleb and Gabriel this morning while we were gone!

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