Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'll take WASTING TIME for 600, Alex.

I confess. As if you didn't know. Facebook takes up hours upon hours of my time.

Well. It used to.

I have been facebook-free since Saturday at 2:00 pm.

That's right. I deactivated.

I was having one of those "cry in the shower" moments that afternoon, and for some reason it just hit me. What wastes my time and keeps me from God? From His word? From my kids? From my husband? It's sad, but true. It's facebook. So I literally stepped out of the shower, covered in a towel, and sat at my computer and deactivated facebook.

Just like that.

I didn't give a "warning status" of any kind. I did not tell my friends. I didn't even mention it to Josh. Later that evening he said, "Did you change your settings or something? I can't find you!" So then I told him. I was no longer a part of that world.

Now, I'm not saying that other people can't use it in moderation. I'm sure there are people out there who check it once a day. See a few pictures. Leave a few comments. And that's it. I know some of those people. But that wasn't me.

And it's been three days. You know...I've only had one email asking me about it. There has only been two people ask Josh about it. And just today my best friend said, "I couldn't find you. Where did you go?"

Four people out of 575 of my "friends".

Could it be that the facebook world is still thriving without me? Amazing. It didn't fall apart.

And it's proven to be a productive move on my part. The kitchen is clean. Our two bathrooms are clean. The kids' rooms are clean. I'm almost caught up on laundry.

Yes, it WASTED TIME in my life. I hope to go back someday. But if I find that I am neglecting time with my kids, my husband, or my Lord and Savior, I will have to give it the boot again.

Life is too short to waste that much time.

This blog entry by Joshua Harris was what first got me to thinking about my habits. The 6th paragraph that starts, "The other reason I feel right about making my time with Facebook just a visit is a little harder to explain," really hit home for me.


Tina said...

I said this - - and you thought me crazy :S

I hope you are having a better day than the "cry in the shower day"

Tina said...

And be expecting a phone call soon - I have some questions....
maybe an email - it is not super - important!!!

Ashley said...

I LOVE your creative post titles! :0)

Amy said...

Chrissy, on the same day that you went facebook-free, your blog also was "invite-only" for a while. I was so sad, as I love reading your blog. So I tried to find you on facebook to beg for an invitation to follow your blog. And I couldn't find you. And I don't have your email address. So I was out of luck. Suffice it to say that I'm so happy that your blog is back to where I can read it. Your attitude is an inspiration to me. :-)

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman

Mindy said...

I love the title too. I noticed you were on missing on FB! You always had the best status updates! But it sounds like you made the right decision. FB is so addicting and time consuming, it is scary once you stop and think about it. I took a week break once and wow, I sure had a lot of "extra" time.

Casie Dempsey said...

FB just crashed due to Chrissy loss. I have, unfortunately wasted mucho time on FB...but somehow it always feels nice knowing that I can still stay in touch, even a little bit with some people. Just wish it was not quite so addicting.

Deanne Smallwood-Thomas said...

i haven't been on much lately except for quick checks......or else i would have missed you! you're right, and i understand. it is quite addicting. which is bad. it can also be really good for people most of the time. maybe occasional absences are what we all need to do?
kind of like when tina and ashley left.......

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