Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am a Fantasy Football Wife

Hi. My name is Chrissy. And I am a Fantasy Football wife.

Hi, Chrissy.

As if being a coaches wife wasn't hard enough, I also endure several months of the ins and outs of pro football. I am kicked out of the house for 4 hours during one evening of the draft. I get to hear about the trades and keepers. I'm sure it's all fun for them, and I'm sure it's quite difficult to keep track of which athlete has been arrested or thrown into prison each year for whatever reason.

Oh, wait. They have to keep track of injuries. Sorry. It's the injuries that they keep track of.

I'm sure if there was a Fantasy Kid's Show league, I'd rock.

And I've learned that my husband selected his team name last night. You know, intimidation is quite important in any competition. It's important to keep your opponent on their toes. I'm confident that during the weeks when the other guys have to play against Josh, they will be shaking in their boots when they think of this team.

Ready for it?

Team name: SpongeBob ScorePants.

Good luck, honey! I know you want that trophy sitting on our entertainment center. And, boy, I sure hope you get it. I can't think of anything I'd rather have on top of our TV ;o)

For now, I think I'll order these.


kimberly anderson said...

I think the girls need to come up with a fantasy league. So that we can kick our husbands out of the house for 4 hours, spend time keeping stats, and of course watching the games. Hey Biggest Loser starts in a couple of weeks we can do a fantasy league with the show!

Tina said...

Maybe you should all play FF??!!!! It really is alot of fun!!! I haven't played - post-kids though :(

Ashley said...

I love this post Chrissy! I laughed out loud and then had to read it to Lincoln.

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