Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yes, I Have Gray Hair

I'm pretty sure I've had one gray hair since I was 17 or so. It's on the right side. It hides itself under other hair so that no one realized I had it.

But since having children (maybe Caleb specifically...ha!) I have found many more. I often joke with whomever cuts my hair that I will undoubtedly have to start coloring it eventually. I always ask if she sees any new gray hairs.

My friends always say they can't see them. For the longest time I did not believe them. I thought for sure they were just being nice.

So to prove that I really have many gray hairs, I took a picture of myself this morning.

This one was taken right after the blow dryer made my hair all fluffy. I see several on the right side of my hair, left side of the picture - if you click on the picture you can probably see it more clearly.

This one was taken after I straightened it.

All I have to say is, the magic of a hair straightener and the magic of parting my hair on the other side is quite amazing. I didn't realize until after I looked at these pictures how much darker my hair looks after it's straightened. And now I also can tell that my grays really do lay down and hide after I've fixed my hair.

So for now, I will put off coloring my hair. I'm sure it's inevitable, though.

Right, Mom? ;o)


Mindy said...

Ha, funny that you were blogging about aging too! Although you don't believe mine. ;) I've had a gray hair- or maybe a couple- for several years now. Now that'd be weird if I was a gray "15 y/o." I'm sure they'll start coming in when I have kids too. So with 3 kids I'd say you're doing pretty well! :)

Nel said...

I LOVE your new blog back ground! Super cute!!!

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