Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's No Such Thing As The Green Eyed Man

Have you seen the movie Bolt? It is just so cute. I had no idea I would love it so much, and we rented it SEVERAL times at Redbox this summer...before eventually buying a copy for the house!

What I didn't realize, however, is that Caleb would keep the concept of "The Green Eyed Man" so vivid in his mind. The end of the movie shows this character in a hospital, posing as a doctor, and it's the "bad guy" so to speak. The syringe in his hand is HUGE and it's filled with a green substance. Scary for a 5-year-old maybe. It gives a bad mental image of a doctor for sure!

Today was the day I scheduled for Caleb and Sarah to have their checkups. When I told Caleb about the doctor's appointment, he had a terrified look on his face. I just didn't understand why since he's never had any bad experiences or anything. Eventually - because moms are just so smart - I figured out The Green Eyed Man concept! I tried to reassure Caleb that the doctor on the movie was not real...that real doctors are here to help us and keep us healthy and safe!

Reluctantly, he said ok. We traveled to the pediatrician's office, and both of the kids did great! But...I did feel really bad when I found out that both of them DID have to have shots (because I told Caleb he wouldn't have to have any). It was difficult, but the nurse was AWESOME and did it very quickly.

If if you're interested, here are the stats:

Caleb is 46" tall (95th percentile) and 51 pounds (95th percentile).

Sarah is 38" tall (75th percentile) and 36 pounds (90th percentile).

Would you believe...when the nurse practitioner told me the percentile for Sarah...and I realized that her weight percentile was higher than her height percentile, I asked, "Does that mean she's..."

I paused...

Ok, Chrissy. Don't sound like a bad mom for goodness sake. Don't say FAT. Should I say chubby? How do I ask this?

And then I quickly pulled myself together and continued...


I was assured that no, she is not overweight. Good thing because that child is such a picky eater. I was told that some kids are just different in stature. DUH. So she's still perfect. :o)

There's the scoop on my morning! I hope Caleb gets over The Green Eyed Man image. We have to do follow-up shots in six months.

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Nel said...

I too told Libby at her 3 year check up she wouldn't have to get shots... and then she was behind on one set and had to have a shot :( I felt so bad, but she did awesome too! She was more worried about Abby's shots. This being a mommy thing can be tough sometimes ;)

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