Thursday, August 13, 2009

Being a "Girl Mom"

I remember the day Sarah was born, the nurses put me in a pink hospital gown. I just knew that would be the beginning of all the "cuteness" that comes with being a girl mom.

As a senior in high school, I remember one of my closest girlfriends signing my senior scrapbook and saying something like, "I know you'll be a great mother someday with lots of babies ♀" and she actually put the little female symbol! She knew all I wanted was girls.

It's interesting to me that I am not the kind of girl mom I thought I would be. Not at all. I thought for sure that I would have the most frilly
dresses for my daughter. I thought for sure that I would have every bow available, every doll there was, all the pink and purple anyone could imagine. I thought doll houses would stand along the walls of her room, her hair would be in ribbons each day.

But that's not the case. She did not have any hair to speak of until she was almost two. Instead of those cute headbands that I could have put on her head, I opted for...umm...nothing. She has only been to a hair salon once in her 3 years of life.

I have never painted her fingernails or toenails. I hardly ever buy her t
he latest outfit because I use all the hand-me-downs I receive from a friend. She does not have a pink or purple room because she shares one with her brother. She doesn't have that many "girl" toys because she tends to play with whatever Caleb has, so I usually just find gender neutral toys like the "Wonder Pets" or the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse."

Her hair is always in pigtails because that's about the only way I've found her hair will stay without getting in her eyes or becoming frizzy. And even with pigtails, I often forget to put bows in it.

But I do know this...she is full of energy and love. She gives the best hugs. She tells me she loves me with the most sincere tone. She's very smart.

I tell her she's beautiful each and every day.

And I love her so very much, even without the ribbons and curls.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! She will be ribbons & curls soon enough, and it's funny b/c Rhiannon loves nothing more than to wear DRESSES and CLIPPY-CLOPPY shoes and PAINT HER NAILS and all those very girly girly things...yeah, can you imagine, MY KID? Huh? How did I end up with YOUR kid?? :) :) haha! I sure do love you Chrissy - love you love you love you - and as LAME as it is, keeping in touch via inet, at least it's something. Hope you're having a good day - hope you have a great weekend!! xoxoxoxo

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