Monday, August 10, 2009

Measure Schmeasure

If it wasn't for my friend Kassie and this so-called contest and my RIDICULOUS idea to post my progress on my blog, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be giving my weight much thought these days. I would have given up after the beginning of July. According to my excel sheet, I've been at the exact same weight since 6/29.

Not gained. That's a plus I suppose.

So how do I keep going?

It's interesting that I didn't realize I was an emotional eater until recently. I think it was last year sometime when I finally admitted to myself that I do, in fact, eat when I'm upset. My earliest memory of this comes from my teen years. When my mom and I would go shopping, I would often become VERY upset with the size I would have to wear (looking back, it was SO DUMB because I was a size 9/10 when I was 16). After our shopping trip, we would always eat "something fun" like Baskin Robbins or the cookies at the mall. Sure, part of it was just a treat since we were having mother/daughter bonding/shopping time. But really...I started WANTING to eat something as soon as I didn't like the sizes.

And now that I'm a grown up (sigh) I recognize that I do the same thing only with bigger issues. If I'm upset with Josh...I want to go to McDonald's. Having a rough day with the kids...I want to go to McDonald's.

If I'm trying to lose weight, it's nearly impossible for me to suppress this emotional eating, so unless my life is PERFECT, I'm just not sure how I'm going to do this.

I apologize if this sounds over-dramatic. It's just the truth, and I thought I'd put it out there for my Measure Me Monday fans.


Ashley said...

Chrissy, I too am an emotional eater...I will write a post soon...

Casie said...

I love reading these....and I would have to say, I am a big emotional eater. In fact, I am baffled by the people that I know that LOSE weight because of stress...

Nel said...

Hang in there, you can do it!

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